Yes, Dear

Season 5 Episode 2

Jimmy Has Changed

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 23, 2005 on CBS
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Jimmy Has Changed
When Jimmy comes down with a case of the sweats and a decreased interest in sex, he goes to the doctor, who diagnoses him with andropause (male menopause) -- which leaves him feeling insecure about his masculinity.

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  • Jimmy has male menopause.

    This episode was hilarious! The idea of Jimmy, who is such a classic "guy", having male menopause was great!

    Finding out that Greg broke Kim's sculpture was pretty stupid. But it was nice that he finally got to make fun of Jimmy for not being enough of a man.

    The way the secret being revealed eventually played out was pretty formulaic, with everyone lying, resulting in everyone finding out the truth. But it worked.

    The best line was when Christine told Jimmy that he could finally live out his fantasy of Christine being in bed with another woman. What great writing!moreless

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    • Christine: Honey, we're gonna go through a lot of changes as we grow older, but we're lucky enough to have each other, so we don't have to go through it alone. Right, I mean, I know I'm gonna have to go through menopause someday. And just think, you'll be able to give me something that--that most men can't give their wives. Firsthand advice on how to deal with hot flashes.
      Jimmy: I like to find a shady spot and suck on some ice chips.

    • Jimmy: Okay, Christine, from our very first date, I knew that one of the things that made you love me was my amazing sexuality.
      Christine: Okay, first of all, um, on that first date, it wasn't that amazing. Well, a lot of the screaming was because I was laying on a pinecone.
      Jimmy: That's what we get for doing it in my parents' bed.

    • Kim: I can't believe this.
      Greg: Well, Kim, in my defense, I was really, really drunk. Okay, you know those beers that come in the 40oz bottles? Me and my suitemates almost finished one.

    • Christine: Greg is going through andropause. It's like menopause, but... for men.
      Kim: What?
      Jimmy: The-the, uh, the-the-the-the problem is you've got to promise not to say anything to him. Okay? Because he's ashamed enough as it is, and he would be humiliated if he found out that you knew.
      Kim: I don't believe this. I've never even heard of male menopause before.
      Jimmy: Well, maybe that's because men are forced to suffer in silence until society's ready to deal with the truth... or something like that I read in one of Greg's sissy brochures.

    • Christine: No, I want to know what it is.
      Jimmy: Well, I mean, what are you, a pharmacist? Okay, it's not like you can just tell what a pill is by looking at it... can you?
      Christine: No, but all pills have a code imprinted on them, and then I can go on the Internet and find out what it's prescribed for.
      Jimmy: Okay, Christine, you can't believe everything that you read on the Internet.
      Christine: Okay, here we go. What's the code?
      Jimmy: Excuse me?
      Christine: The code on the pill. Read it to me.
      Jimmy: Oh, okay. Uh... R2... D2.

    • Christine: Oh, hey, Greg, um, could you and Kim watch the boys tomorrow night? Jimmy and I want to go to the movies.
      Greg: Sure, I don't mind. I mean, you two deserve a girls' night out.

    • Greg: You're not going to tell Christine?
      Jimmy: No, and you're not gonna tell her either.
      Greg: But she is your wife.
      Jimmy: Exactly. Okay? I gotta tell you something, Greg. You've seen my paycheck. Okay, you've--you've sat next to me when I've tried to answer questions on Jeopardy!. I mean, Christine knows she didn't marry a rich man or a smart man, but at least she thinks she married a man. (sobbing) Oh, God, these damn emotions! Just go back and bury yourself where you belong!
      Greg: Come on, now. It's not that bad. You're still a man. You just gotta make sure you take your medicine as directed. It says here, "Take two pills daily until the urge to pee sitting down subsides."

    • Greg: Andropause? I've never even heard of it.
      Jimmy: Well, maybe that's because men are forced to suffer in silence until society is ready to deal with the truth. Here, read that.
      Greg: (laughing) "Menopause: It's Not Just for Women Anymore."

    • Greg: What you got in the bag?
      Jimmy: Uh, just, you know, antibiotics.
      Greg: What, they put you on? A Z-Pak?
      Jimmy: Uh... yeah, yeah.
      Greg: I've been there. How many days?
      Jimmy: 20. 20 days.
      Greg: 20 days? It's only supposed to be 3 or 5.
      Jimmy: Oh, what did--what did--what--did I say 20? I meant--I meant 5. Yeah. See, it's like, one of the symptoms of what--of what I got is severe exaggeration.

    • Jimmy: Andropause? What's andropause?
      Doctor: Face the front. As men get older, they lose testosterone. And sometimes, between the ages of 35 and 50, they lose it too rapidly and andropause occurs. Andropause—it's just a male version of menopause.
      Jimmy: Wait a minute. Wait, so basically I'm turning into Maude?

    • Doctor: You notice any mood swings lately?
      Jimmy: Well, yeah, I guess I've been a little emotional lately, but, I mean, can you blame me? I mean, the Redskins lost on Sunday and my junk don't work.

    • Jimmy: I don't know. I've been sweating a lot lately. It's really weird. It's like my-my hands and my-and my feet, they're freezing, but I can't stop sweating.
      Greg: That is weird. How long's this been going on?
      Jimmy: About a week or so. And it's not just the sweating, either, it's like I've been-I've been feeling really weird. It's like, my-my muscles are sore, and I've been moody, and... I've been sluggish.
      Greg: Sluggish? How can you tell? You sit in a guard's shack all day. Then you come home and sit on the couch. If you were any more sluggish, you'd leave a trail.
      Jimmy: I've been sluggish in areas I'm not normally sluggish. I've been sluggish, you know... down there.
      Greg: You constipated?

    • Greg: Ew, this blanket is soaking wet. Jimmy, I know it was a good movie, but we could have paused it for a bathroom break.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode's promo contained the tagline, "Yes, Dear's back and there's gonna be some sight gags," set to the music of The Angels' "My Boyfriend's Back."

    • Although he is listed as a star, Joel Homan does not appear in the final cut.

    • Kim Kessler is credited as Kimberly Joy Kessler. She is also a writers' assistant. In previous seasons, she was Greg Garcia's personal assistant.


    • Jimmy: Oh, okay. Uh... R2... D2.
      A reference to the Star Wars films. R2-D2 was a garbage can-shaped robot character, played by Kenny Baker.

    • Jimmy: Wait a minute. Wait, so basically I'm turning into Maude?
      The character Maude Findlay (Bea Arthur), from the 1972-1978 sitcom Maude.