Yes, Dear

Season 3 Episode 9

Jimmy Saves the Day

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 2002 on CBS



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    • This episode's secondary plot (Greg's nasal spray addiction) is identical to the secondary plot of a 2003 episode of The King of Queens titled "Jung Frankenstein."

    • This episode won a Prism Award for its accurate depiction "of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction in television."

    • Frostburg State University is finally mentioned as the college Jimmy went to (and the FSU that once adorned his clothing). Though he was originally an FSU graduate, this was quickly changed to him being a dropout after one semester. In real life, Greg Garcia is an FSU graduate.

    • The movie director is uncredited.

    • Music: "Hooch" by Everything

    • Used as a promotional tool for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, hosted by Heidi Klum and broadcast on CBS November 20, 2002.

    • The news report establishes that Greg and Jimmy are employed by a fictitious company known as "Radford Studios." The series is shot at CBS Studio Center (in Los Angeles, California's Studio City district). Located on Radford Avenue, this is better known as CBS Radford Studios.

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