Yes, Dear

Season 2 Episode 18

Johnny Ampleseed

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 25, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

Greg's old high-school girlfriend, Stacey, is in town. Greg invites her and her husband, Bobby, over to visit so he can see her again. Looking at pictures of Sam, Dominic and Logan gets Stacey and Bobby to admit that they've been trying to have children of their own -- which hasn't been going all that well since Bobby has "slow swimmers." Stacey says they came to LA because it has the best fertility experts. When Greg tells her he's there for them if they need anything, she takes his offer a little too literally, and asks for his sperm. Kim is enraged when Greg says he'll think about it, and actually meant it. After Jimmy gloats how Christine would let him do it, Kim talks with her, and learns that she was lying so as not to start a fight. She also believes Greg wouldn't do it in a million years. So Kim pulls the same act with him, and is relieved that he isn't doing it. Greg lets Stacey and Bobby down easy, but both he and Jimmy are stunned when they turn right around and ask Jimmy for his sperm instead. When Greg tries to talk them out of it and ends up putting Jimmy down in the process as not being good enough, Jimmy says he will do it -- after all, Christine said she was okay with it. Unlike Kim. Refusing to be upspermed, Greg changes his mind, and tells Stacey and Bobby, no, he'll do it. Now they have to choose. Kim and Christine are infuriated to hear that both of their husbands volunteered, so to fix things, they let Stacey and Bobby overhear a fight Greg and Jimmy have about how imperfect a man the other one is.
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