Yes, Dear

Season 2 Episode 8

Kentucky Top Hat

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

Greg goes through an old jacket and finds a wedding invitation Kim asked him to give to her friend, Julie Grimes, years ago. Make that ex-friend, since Kim cut Julie off for not showing up at her wedding. Greg worries Kim will think he forgot to deliver it on purpose as he never liked Julie or found her funny, which Kim, Christine -- and Julie -- all did. Christine says he should just show Kim the invitation to clear Julie's name, but he throws it away. It's only after he learns that Julie moved to LA to become a comedienne and Kim sadly feels she has no friends anymore because of what Julie did that Greg decides to pay Miss Grimes a visit to clear her name to her instead. Julie, who was crushed that Kim never invited her, is relieved that she in fact did, and agrees to patch things up -- starting with an invitation to her own wedding that she wants Greg to deliver. But Julie is as unfunny as ever, spouting one catchphrase after another, that he throws her invitation away too. Meanwhile, Jimmy feels neglected when Christine can't go to the stock car races with him because she has to study. After Christine asks him to get Dominic a haircut, Jimmy decides to turn his son into the spitting image of himself when he was a kid, courtesy a mullet. Believing Jimmy did it just to force her to pay attention, Christine demands he get Dominic's hair redone to spare the tyke humiliation. Jimmy stubbornly refuses, and the Hughes are called to school because Dominic got into a fight after another kid did humiliate him over his hair. Jimmy and Christine get into a fight of their own in the principal's office as he fears she's moving up and leaving him behind. Christine knows they're moving up together, and makes a little special time for him to prove it.
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