Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 20

Kim and Gordon

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 19, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

Kim wants to remodel the living room fireplace. When Greg lets her know he doesn't want to be involved, she tells him she doesn't need him -- which he doesn't buy, because she always says that, only to end up dragging him into it. But she insists she can do it, and, to prove it, refuses to let him be involved. After going through several contractors who aren't in tune with her artistic sensibilities, Kim finally finds Gordon, who not only knows, without being told, that she wants to change the fireplace; he also knows that she studied art. So she hires him on the spot. Even though he doesn't give estimates. Even though he charges $500 a day. Even though Greg thinks he's full of crap. Kim rings Greg's neck when he tries to dissuade her from using Gordon's services, and Greg gets equally angry (and jealous) when he sees the two of them brainstorming around the house -- as well as leaving it to visit art galleries. Four days and two grand later, Greg finds out Gordon knocked off early, while there's still a blanket draped over the fireplace. Believing Kim's being had, he warns her about Gordon, but she pulls the blanket down, and he sees that the fireplace is done. She gloats how Gordon finished in half the time and for the lowest price in town, and she did it all without Greg. But he rains on her parade by pointing out a big, ugly splotch on the fireplace base's wood finish, which she didn't catch. Since Gordon is dropping by tomorrow to take pictures, she believes he'll fix it then, but when she points it out, Gordon drags his heels, and tells her to put a pillow over it, instead. When she tells him she doesn't want to put a pillow over it, she wants him to refinish it, he promises to come back and take care of it, but he fails to show up. Her first phone calls to him are very polite, but after he refuses to answer the phone or call her back, she gets progressively angrier, until she finally explodes on his answering machine in a profanity-laced rage. When Greg talks to Jimmy about how he can't stand seeing her like this, Jimmy decides to call up Gordon and leave a message of his own, pretending to be a homeowner who's in need of his services. He gives Gordon Greg's phone number, and advises Greg to tell Gordon that his wife is crazy when he calls back. The plan works, and Gordon is sympathetic enough to Greg's story to come back and fix the fireplace while the "crazy" woman is out. Gordon gets the job done, but before he can make a hasty exit, Kim comes home, and she uses the opportunity to tell Gordon what she thinks of him. Which is when he informs her that he didn't come back because he felt he was in the wrong, he came back because Greg told him she was crazy. After Gordon leaves, Kim takes Greg to task, but he makes her feel better by reminding her that what she really wanted was a fireplace without a splotch, and he did what he had to do to get that. And she really feels better when Gordon returns to ask her if she knows who took a crowbar and smashed all the windows and headlights on his truck. (She did, of course.) Because when he complains to her that his truck looks awful, she tells him to put a pillow over it.