Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 24

Living with Savitsky

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 24, 2004 on CBS
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Living with Savitsky
Jimmy's kind gesture of chauffeuring Mr. Savitsky, whose driver's license was revoked, is repaid in full when Mr. Savitsky invites him, Christine and the kids to come live in his guest house. But they all soon find out how much living with Mr. Savitsky is like living with Mr. Warner.moreless

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    Roy Firestone

    Roy Firestone

    Announcer [voiceover] [uncredited]

    Guest Star

    Oliver Muirhead

    Oliver Muirhead


    Guest Star

    Brian Doyle-Murray

    Brian Doyle-Murray

    George Savitsky

    Recurring Role

    Brendon Baerg

    Brendon Baerg

    Logan Hughes

    Recurring Role

    Madison Poer

    Madison Poer

    Emily Warner

    Recurring Role

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      • Jimmy: Well I'm sure you won't be alone forever.
        Mr. Savitsky: No, no. If I ever get too lonely I just sit the dog at the table and put a hat on him.

      • Billy: I could really use the money to pay off my student loans.
        Jimmy: You didn't even go to college.
        Billy: Why do you think they want their money back?

      • Mr. Savitsky: Now, you see, this is what I miss. Sitting around the table with family. It reminds me of dinner growing up, except without Dad getting blind drunk and screaming about the Catholics.

      • Christine: I guess it would be good for the kids. They'd get to go to a great school, and did you see the size of that yard? They could run around there for hours. Jimmy, we could have free-range children.

      • Christine: Greg and Kim are family.
        Jimmy: Yeah, well, maybe, but let's face it. We've really kind of overstayed our welcome there.
        Christine: Well, you're right about that. The other night we were playing Scrabble, and Greg's first word was "getout."

      • Greg: Yeah, it's everything I ever wanted for myself. House in the suburbs on a quiet, little street, creating a wonderful life for me and my family—and four other people.

      • Kim: I'm gonna miss you guys.
        Christine: We talked about this, alright? We're ten minutes away. We're gonna see each other all the time.
        Kim: I guess. But it's hard to see you move. You know, we've lived together for four years. I don't even want to put this box down. It just seems so final.
        Greg: (throwing boxes) Okay, one more load! Let's move, let's move, let's move!

      • Jimmy: No, guys, listen, we're too busy unpacking to help you, okay?
        Christine: And you guys have your own boxes to unpack. Start with the box labeled "Dominic's Toys." And stay away from the box labeled "Mommy's Toys."

      • Jimmy: Man, I can't get over this place. Did you see that giant, massaging shower head in the bathroom?
        Christine: See it? I have a date with it tomorrow morning.

      • Coleman: Christine, great news. I heard you're a Heath Ledger fan, so tomorrow night is movie night.
        Christine: Wow. Watching a Heath Ledger movie in a private screening room.
        Coleman: Actually, we're watching Cold Mountain. But I invited Heath to watch the movie with us.
        Christine: Oh, my God!
        Jimmy: Big deal. Heath Ledger. He's just a guy, no different from me.
        Christine: Well, I hope you're right. That way, ten minutes into the movie, he'll be asleep with his pants open!

      • Mr. Savitsky: Well, I've been watching you, and you're a little lackadaisical when it comes to your kids. If you want 'em to succeed, you better start pushing them a little more.
        Christine: My kids are doing just fine. And I haven't pushed them since I was at ten centimeters.

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      • Jimmy: Hard to believe it's the same guy who dangled Urkel out of a window over a contract dispute.
        The character from Family Matters, a show which co-creator Greg Garcia wrote for.