Yes, Dear

Season 1 Episode 7

Look Who's Not Talking

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 13, 2000 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In syndication, about 11 or 12 minutes into the episode, Christine's sleeve (which is rolled up) continues to fall down, and Christine keeps rolling it back up. At the part where Kim and Christine yell "Fine!" to one another, Christine's sleeve is down, but becomes rolled up again between shots.

    • After Greg and Kim get home from the corn maze, Kim thanks Greg for being so good about the trip. While she is talking, a baby cries in the background. The sound is like an echo in a big open space. It didn't come from Sammy, who is in the same room and when they cut to Jimmy and Christine out in the backyard, Logan is sitting quietly on Christines lap while she reads a storybook. The cry was out of context with the whole scene.

    • When Greg and Christine are sitting on the couch, the front door was left open. When Greg stood up, it was closed. Later, when Greg, Christine and Kim are talking, the door alternates between being open and closed.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: I'm just saying, when I see two sisters who I know love each other fight like this, it makes me sad.
      Kim: Uh oh. (sniffing) I think I better change Sammy. (more sniffing) Oh, no, he's fine. Funny. Thought I smelled a load of crap.

    • Jimmy: Christine, ya can't keep avoiding them, okay? We live in their guest house. Why don't you just go inside and talk to her?
      Christine: Why don't you just get a job so we can find our own place?
      Jimmy: I can't talk to you when you're like this.

    • Kim: Okay, well, how about this? I have a nickname for the kind of mother that Christine is: "Lazy Duke."
      (everybody looks at each other and Kim, quiet and confused)
      Kim: As in Daisy Duke? From the Dukes of Hazzard! (pregnant pause) Oh, like "Ghengis Mom" was so funny!

    • Christine: You're judging the kind of parent I am.
      Kim: We just have different ways of raising our kids, that's all.
      Christine: Yes, but you think your way is better.
      Kim: Yes, I do. That's why I've chosen it to be my way.

    • Jimmy: Hey Christine, we can do whatever we want tonight without worrying about waking 'em up.
      Christine: Jimmy, I am so tired, you can do anything you want tonight without waking me up.
      Jimmy: I'll take it.

    • Jimmy: (Using a funny accent, Jimmy makes reservations for a tee time)Now all we gotta do is pretend we got a goofy accent and we're in.
      Greg: That's stupid. I'm not pretending to have a goofy accent.
      Jimmy: Yeah, just like that.
      Greg: Like what? This is how I talk.
      JImmy: Perfect.
      Greg: (pointing his finger at JImmy) Cut it out.

  • Notes

    • An additional two episodes were ordered by CBS after this broadcast, bringing the first season up to 24.

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