Yes, Dear

Season 3 Episode 8

Make Every Second Count (a.k.a. Sloppy Seconds)

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 11, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

Greg and Kim worry that they're not making her second pregnancy special after accidentally using the baby's sonogram as scrap paper. To avoid being the kind of parents who ignore their second child, they decide to get the new baby all new stuff, instead of just Sam's hand-me-downs. Jimmy and Christine both think they're overreacting, until Christine realizes they are the kind of parents who ignore their second child; they have tons of videos and photos of Dominic and almost none of Logan. Since Christine has no childhood memories from before she was 4, she assumes Logan won't either, and decides to start faking his childhood photos and videos, using Logan for the walking, talking years, and Sam and hired children for the baby years. After trying unsuccessfully to sell off Sam's nursery set, Kim changes her mind and makes Greg put it in storage just in case Sam might want to pass it on to his children. After Greg gets attacked by a raccoon at the storage locker, he sees how crazy obsessing over furniture is, and tells Kim attention is what will make the new baby feel special. Christine takes Greg's advice to heart, and, seeing how excited Logan gets watching tapes of The Wiggles, makes Jimmy take the kids to their concert with her, so she can videotape the thing. But when the band invite Dominic, and not Logan, up on stage with them, Jimmy takes matters into his own hands.
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