Yes, Dear

Season 2 Episode 24

Making Baby

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 13, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

Kim catches Greg off guard when she tells him she wants to have another baby. To try to talk her out of it, he uses the excuse that they're going to paint the house, and pregnant women shouldn't be around the fumes. Christine then catches Jimmy off guard when she offers their painting services. On the first day of the job, Christine and Jimmy receive a housecall from two missionaries, David and Ricky, who are going door-to-door to promote family values and do charity work... like painting houses for complete strangers. Too lazy to do it themselves, Christine and Jimmy gladly take them up on that. Jimmy's bad drinking and gambling influence rubs off on the innocent missionaries, so it's up to Jimmy and his knowledge of all things 700 Club to get them back into the faith and out of the house. Kim talks Greg into going for round 2, but just as they're about to begin, she confesses she wants another girl. And if they keep getting more boys, then they'll keep trying until they get a girl. Except Greg wants to stop at two. She decides to sway him courtesy lingerie and porn -- all of which he fends off. He's offended when she drags him to a gender selection clinic that will help increase their odds of having a girl. After a spat, he realizes how selfish he's been, and agrees to go through with it. They both proudly tell the Hughes about their plan, but the two think it's a horrible idea, as they wouldn't have had Logan if they had tried it after Dominic. The thought of losing Sam causes Kim to change her mind and call her doctor to cancel things. Greg's angry with her for wasting his time until he finds out what her doctor told her -- she's already pregnant.