Yes, Dear

Season 3 Episode 19

March Madness

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 31, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Kim and Christine plan a celebration for their grandmother's 80th birthday, and most of the Ludke family will be in attendance. Greg might be getting a VIP ticket to the NCAA Final Four in New Orleans as a gift from the studio. But the date conflicts with Grandma Nan's birthday, so Kim whines and stomps her feet in hopes that he'll give it away. He gets two tickets, and gives one to Jimmy; that way, he won't be the only one avoiding the party. When Christine hears this, she handles things just like Kim. Both men stand up to their wives, and tell them they're going no matter what, but Kim lays on a guilt trip so thick that Greg eventually throws up his hands, and gives his extra ticket to Jimmy. Jenny arrives with Grandma Nan and Kim's and Christine's aunt, Millie. Greg is irked when he discovers that their uncles were a no-show, and are at home watching the Final Four on TV. Jimmy gives Billy Greg's ticket, and they both meet sportscaster Jim Nantz, who'll be covering the games, and who thinks they are so funny that he wants to borrow their lines to use in his coverage. As thanks for ghostwriting, Jim gives them VIP passes to see the game in the CBS Superdome. Greg fumes when Kim sends him out to get ice, and he comes home to find that they took the family photo without him -- as she had used it as justification for why he shouldn't go with Jimmy. When she apologizes profusely, Christine tells him he should turn the tables and lay a guilt trip on her. Greg milks it for all it's worth, it works like a charm, and Kim makes him cozy so he can watch the Final Four on the tube and listen to Jim dish out all of Jimmy's and Billy's great lines. Jim invites the boys to stay overtime and join him at the CBS party after the game, after which he'll fly them back to L.A. on his private plane. Jimmy asks Billy to assist him in lying to the others and saying that they had a horrible time, so Christine won't have anything to use against him -- even though she secretely lied to him, and didn't care if he went or not. So ends Greg's pampering from Kim.
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