Yes, Dear

Season 3 Episode 19

March Madness

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 31, 2003 on CBS

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  • In order to promote the final four, that would be airing the same week as this episode Yes, Dear sent Jimmy and Billy to the Final Four in New Orleans, while Greg was stuck at home at a birthday party. Jimmy and Billy meet up with sports commentator Jim N

    This is a very novel episode. There are two tickets to the Final Four, which happens to be in New Orleans. However, the game is on the same day as a birthday party that is to be held in L.A. at the house. Of course, Christine and Kim try their best to get Jimmy and Greg to stay for the party. Kim guilts Greg into staying, while Jimmy decides to go and gives the extra ticket to Billy. While Jimmy and Billy are in a bar before the game they run into Jim Nance, the commentator for the Final Four. After Jimmy and Billy impress Nance with their ability to come up with clever jokes and analogies he invites them to sit in the press box with him and then later the CBS party.

    Meanwhile, the party at home turns out to be women only because all of the guys that were supposed to show up wanted to watch the game. Greg is sent out to get ice and a pack of cigarettes, and when he returns he finds that he has missed all of the festivities. Christine teaches Greg how to use this to guilt trip Kim into doing anything for him. This works out great for Greg and he decides to milk not going to New Orleans for all its worth. However his plan is foiled, when Jimmy comes back saying they had a horrible time so Christine will forgive him for missing the party. Therefore, the episode ends with Kim thinking she did Greg a favor in forcing him to stay.
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