Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 1

Natural Born Delinquents

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 22, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

In the not-too-distant future -- one where Emily is a walking, talking toddler -- Greg has issues with Dominic's and Logan's complete lack of rules, worried that their unruly ways will rub off on Sam and Emily. Refusing to buy into the "different styles" parenting approach as the cause of it, Greg has a talk with Jimmy and Christine, and insists they make their kids eat their vegetables, for a start. But even with their grudging cooperation, Dominic and Logan don't listen to Greg, and storm off without eating their vegetables. Since he doesn't cater to Jimmy's "pick your battles" excuse and figures he could do a better job raising the Hughes' kids, Greg decides to start being their disciplinarian. And he starts by forcing the diabolical duo to pick up the Cheetos that they spilled in the back of his car while fighting over the bag. When they both refuse, Greg punishes them both by making them sit in his car, instead of going to the movies and the arcade with the rest of the family. While Christine wonders if she really is a bad parent since Sam and Emily are much better behaved than her spawn, Greg spends hours unsuccessfully trying to teach the two a lesson, and eventually makes the other adults call a cab without them. So many hours that night falls, the gates to the parking garage get locked, and he blows out his tires going the wrong way over metal pikes. After losing the war, Greg comes to understand why Jimmy and Christine pick their battles, and hands the parenting reins back to them -- which makes them realize they're not bad parents, they just got bad kids.