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  • I didn't discover this show until I saw reruns on TBS, but am I glad I did!!

    This is by far one of the funniest sitcoms ever created. I didn't catch it during its first run, but I am thoroughly enjoying the reruns that TBS shows every afternoon. The premise is fodder for all sorts of comic situations; Greg and Kim Warner are overachievers in all that they do. Greg has a high-level position at a movie studio and Kim is mega-mom. Kim's sister Christine and her slacker husband, Jimmy Hughes, along with their two sons, live in Greg and Kim's guest house. Where the Warners are uptight new parents and the ultimate yuppies, the Hughes are the quintessential slackers. But this is what makes this show work. While most people wish they could be like Greg and Kim; perfect parents, perfect employee with the perfect job, living in the perfect house; most of us are like Jimmy and Christine; struggling to get by and flying by the seat of their pants as parents. It's this conflict that has led to some of the show's more hysterical moments. For example, Jimmy and Christine potty-train their son Logan in record time by letting him run around naked, relieving himself in the yard. Greg and Kim go to the local baby superstore and purchase every book, video, doll, and gizmo available. Who's right is never really the question. It's who gets the better results, by whatever means necessary, that wins out.
    This is a great show and it is a shame that it got cancelled.
  • I simply love the originality of this show.The show uses current things.While dredging up things we want to forget from the past,and yet bringing up good times we love to remember.

    This shows incredible.Innovative like the long lasting Night Court.Yet Family oriented and whimsical like the great,but short lived Dave's World.The couples ones college educated,the other trailor park educated.They both work together great.I love the parents the picked to play their parents.Also all the guess stars the have are people we know and love.While the two husbands are so different they are so much alike.The wives while being sisters can have so little in comman.I hope they bring it back with new episodes in syndicationThis comedy is so much better than alot of the current shows Will Be Missed by so many people.
  • this show is so stupid and unoriginal

    I watched this show in New Zealand. I disliked this show very much it is so irritating i watched one episode waiting for something good to happen i kept waiting, waiting, waiting but nothing good ever happened i would rate this show a 2.5 out of 10 at the most. some of the characters are really stupid and its a bit weird that the episode that i watch some one of the characters sister and her husband and kids all lived with them in their guest house so there were four adults and i think four children all living together sharing food and electricity. they would go through quite a bit of food and have a big powerbill if it was real life.
  • The funniest recent comedy about family

    ‘Yes, Dear’ is a series you will either love to death or hate, I have heard people on both sides. I personally think that ‘Yes, Dear’ lasted six years for a reason, it is a really good TV series. A lot of people say that Mike O’Malley (Jimmy) is who saved the series and kept it going all of these years, but I think that the entire cast was just as equally as funny. A lot of the funny moments from the TV series didn’t involve Mike at all, but Anthony Clark (Greg). Six years on television with 122 episodes under its belt don’t lie, this series is definitely a hidden gem that I hope lasts in syndication for many years to come.
  • Funny, stupid, and heart felt. Something that I didn't really like till there was nothing else on TV.

    One day there was nothing else to watch so I decided to watch whatever was on TBS. Normally I watch TBS for the Drew Carey Show and Home Improvement, but in between those shows was Yes, Dear. I decided to give it a chance and i ended up loving the show. It's funny as hell, it has it's stupid moments, but it is also heart felt, which is something that attracts me to some shows. Now I can't go a day without watching the show, and no one really knows that I like the show. No problem though cause it's a great show and I would recommend it to any of my friends.
  • Funny sitcom about two couples...

    Yes, Dear is a show about four adults, that are two couples and they all have kids. Many things happen between them on every single episode. Many funny moments of this show and the re-runs are great! Not much to it, so to end this pretty short. Yes, Dear is a great comedy that should be more talked about than it is.
  • Better than most comedies today

    I liked this show a lot. Why they wasted time and money developing it, cancelling it, bringing it back and then cancelling it again- I don't know. Jimmy and Christine were definitely the cuter/funnier couple- but Greg and Kim were ok too. Especially when Greg would insult Jimmy for moving in with his inlaws or not having a job. The segments with the kids were also really funny. For instance, the ep where Jimmy and Greg had one of the kids friends fighting against Greg son in the backyard and they invited people over to watch. I really don't think this show was promoted as much as it should've been. I don't see how it could get cancelled twice and CBS still keeps tons of other crud on the network.
  • Abot two young couple and their views on parenting.

    This show is about raising kids and having probloms during your life. Two couples (one of them living in the guest house) fight to see who can raise there kids the best. The owners Greg and Kim have a daughter named Emily and a son named Sammy. The other coupl whom live in the guest house a son named Logan and another named Domonic. Thi show was pretty good but I still don't know why it was to be cancelled. It was good enough to still hang in there. If you are looking for re-runs this show is a thumbs up, but if you are looking for new shows it's a thumbs down.
  • Bring it back!!! One of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

    The worst deciscion that was made on this show was to cancel it. I absolutely love this show. Everyone was funny except Kim & Greg's kids. But Greg took being book smart but having no common sense to a whole other level, much like Carlton Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). Another person who took somthing to another level was Jimmy. He was the opposite of Greg. Jimmy was not even close to book smart, but he was certainly street smart, and that is what made him so funny. This is what happens on many sitcoms e. g. Freinds(Joey), Boy Meets World(Eric, Shawn). Bottom Line: Should not have been cancelled.
  • This show is based in cailornia.

    This show is about two famliys that are related because of greg and jimmy. Greg is married to kim and jimmmy is married to christine. Both fam,liys have two kids. greg and kim have sam and emliy. Whlie christine and jimmy have dominic and some other kid. They live in Los angles, california. Both of them work at a movie studio. Greg has a goood job. While jimmy works there as a serurity guard. jimmy and cristtine live in greg and kim's guesthouse. this show just went off CBS recently. in feburary, in fact.
  • I love this show.

    Yes, Dear is about two families with different views on life and totally different personalities. The wives, Kim and Christine, are sisters. Christine and her husband, Jimmy, live in Greg's guest house. Greg is easily irritated with Jimmy and his family. Greg is also neurotic, wimpy, and nerdy. The two families try to raise their kids with each their own way of parenting. Also, the show centers around the jobs of Jimmy, who is the security guard at the place where Greg works at. I love this show. It's really funny and was well written. I especially like Mike O'Malley who acted so well as Jimmy that you could relate to him. I wish the show was still on the air but I always have reruns.
  • Give it a decent ending!!

    If you are going to cancel a show the least CBS could have done was give it a decent ending!! I have seen every episode of yes,dear! and am very upset at the way they ended the show. They could have at least let it finish the season out, but no instead they put on some stupid show called the New adventures of old chrsitine??? Who cares about her new adventures no one cared about her old ones, that show is so stupid any way! So anyway I say at least give us fans of yes,dear a decent goodbye episode one that gives some sort of closure!
  • This show is okay to watch when there is nothing on, but doesn't have the comical genius required to make a good comedy.

    The show Yes Dear, in my opinion, was good for a few laughs, but remains as something that you simply put on when their is nothing else on tv. The main reason for this is because the show has many moments where it simply 'tries too hard', and winds up showing some things which begin to annoy you. Hearing Greg say 'hello' whenever he tells a joke was origionally a good idea to emphasize his nerdiness, but whenever i hear it, it makes me want to be sick! Some other things that this show could have used to be truely funny ended up simply over the top and embarrassing, and the show would be much better if it just toned down some of it's jokes. I also do not like the unrelatable characters of Kim and Greg. Jimmy and Christine are basically the one funny part of the show, and I would probably like the show better if they were the only characters. Greg and Kim would just never be believable as real people, and it is hard to enjoy watching a story about people who you would never be able to relate to. It is just too hard to feel sorry for someone who has enough money to own a guest house, and a comedy always needs to have a likeable main cast to be funny. Like I origionally stated, Yes Dear is good for the occasional laugh (usually from the Hughes family), and isn't a total flop, I just wish they had gone in a better direction with the basic idea of the show.
  • Very cute about two families...

    The Guest star in one of the episodes, I Wish I Had Sammy's Girl, Cody Klop, was such a little cutie. Everyone thought he was just adorable and found the whole princess leia plot line to be cute and hilarious. When we saw little Kevin Gallagher do his skateboard trick and so egotistically say "I'll think about it" little girls across America fell in love. I think this show is a very cute family oriented show which everyone should watch! Definately a fun light script and an easy to follow show. All the hard work that has been put into it is very appreciated...
  • Yes, Dear is an American television sitcom which aired from 2000 to 2006 on CBS. It stars Anthony Clark, Jean Louisa Kelly, Mike O'Malley and Liza Snyder.

    Finally, in spring 2004, CBS pulled the plug on the program, but then ordered an additional 13 episodes to be shown later in the year. With the cancellation of the John Goodman sitcom Center of the Universe, CBS began airing the new Yes, Dear episodes on Wednesday, February 16, 2005 in the 9:30 p.m. EST timeslot. The show did better than many expected (expectations were low) and CBS ordered an additional season of 22 episodes for 2005-2006, but that order was later cut to 13.

    Thanks to an untimely pre-emption, the Season Five finale was not aired in May 2005. Instead, it was aired in September of 2005 a week before the "official" start of the season. Thus, many fans were unaware that a new episode was being broadcast. Another episode held over from Season Five due to a pre-emption was finally aired in January of 2006. Thanks to these pre-emptions and the recycled style of comedy, continuity for the series was thrown into disarray.

  • Umm...ok ok

    This show could be a little better. It just didnt hold my interest that long.. Compared to shows like Still Standing and Grounded For Life, it's just ok.. nothin to scream about.

    It's worth a watch only if you really really want a little humor.. But now it's cancelled so, screw that idea.

    Anyway, jimmy, cristine and the kids are funny, and the rest of it is just mild ...
  • This is one of my favorite shows.

    I love this show. It's one of my favorite shows. It's so funny. Jimmy is the best. He's my favorite character. He is so funny. Greg is funny too, but not as funny as Jimmy. Who ever came up with the idea for this show is a genius. The idea of Jimmy living in Greg's guest house for free. GENIUS! My favorite episode is "When Jimmy met Greg". It's really funny. I like the part when Greg keeps trying to beat up Brian. Greg is a nerd, but he is funny.

    I give this show a 9.4 out of 10.
  • A very one-sided show that revolves around two boring couples.

    First off, i don\'t get that the successful nerd Greg is cocky but acts like a woman due to his crazy wife. Jimmy irritates me because here we have an ugly fat, bald guy with no job but he still manages to act like a man due to his coolness in high-school. When you look carefully at this bland show, you will realize that almost every episode agrues high school social lives are just as important as adult ones, which is a total lie.

    There are a few laughs but the jokes are always hitting below the belt. For example:

    Greg: I\'m smarter then you and i have a successful carreer.
    Jimmy: Well, I was cool in High School.

    The very annoying part about this show is that Greg always loses the battles with Jimmy, despite the fact that Jimmy is a worthless dropout. The more interesting episodes are the ones that don\'t revolve around what happend in high school or college. Those ones manage to seem a bit more fresh then the other episodes.

    It had good potential but I geuss they just ran out of things to say. I was no surprise that it got cancelled, even if it offered laughs every now and then. The show will appeal to people more if they can get past the Jimmy/Greg fights repetetive formula. I am still a frequent viewer of reruns though, so don\'t hate me for the low score.
  • Pinnacale of Greatness

    What can I say this may be the best show ever made. It is highly perverted and Jimmy may be the God of T.V beacause he is the man. This show has all my favorite moments. Airplanes hitting old peoplein the nuts, Grey Davis fighting Greg\'s dad, a kid asking for a red head (logan is a PIMP!). What can i say i love this show. it is the best thing to ever exist i love it.
  • *** kicker.

    This show kicks *** with an iron leg. Kim is so hot. If your a male like i am, i think you would also agree with me. How could you not be in love with someone that attractive? It is like she was made for television. The humor is off the hook. Watch this show for your sake.
  • A funny rich/poor people show.

    We all know something like this would never happen in real life. But that's what makes yes dear funny. Jimmy and Christine are the best. They are rednecks, the kind of poor people most of us can know. Greg and Kim are ok, Greg's alittle better. But not as funny as the Hughes family. And you can't forget mr. Savitsky.
  • One of the funniest shows!

    Yes, Dear is one of the funniest shows out there! My favorite episode is Headshot (the one where they bump Sammy's head over and over). I think that Jimmy and Greg are my favorite characters, not to say I don't like Kim or Christine. I just love this show. I realy think that they should keep making it. It just gets better and better every season! This show has great actors who are perfect for the series, which is also why I love it! Jimmy and Christine are clueless. Kim and Greg are two goody-goodies, which is what I love about Greg! I love this show.
  • One of the most underappreciated shows in recent years.

    Yes Dear has been one of the best shows on CBS in the past 5 years. Before the show premired most critics said the show wont last 4 episodes. They were mistaken. The show started out low in quality but gradually increased as season 1 went on. In my opinion the show peaked twoards the end of season 3. Season 4 was quite funny but started to get dull twoards the end. I enjoyed parts of season 5 while i fould other parts to be quite bland. I was shocked when they renewed it for season 6 but not surprised that it was for only 13 episodes. If CBS has given seasons 5 and 6 22-24 episodes each this show would last longer in syndication but with only around 125 episodes it will probably fade away in a few years time, thats a shame because this is really one of the best shows on TV.
  • 10
    I wish that whatever I would say or anyone said would bring back the show, but I know it want happen(will it).If you look at the other shows like King of Queens,Still Standing,ext. Their is no way those where anywhere close to being the comedy show that yes,dear was!! And I know ratings tell the story but for me yes,dear was by far the best ever!!!! Even the reruns over and over are great. If I could make a plea it would be, Please bring back yes,dear!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The show was great and had a great start with Greg and Kim opening their guest house to Jimmy and his wife. It was interesting.

    The interaction between Greg and Jimmy was priceless, and often made me laugh. My one problem was the sorasing of Emily. I dont think they should have suddenly had another kid. But it happens. But overall I loved the show, and watching Greg and Jimmy was like watching the odd couple. I absolutely loved it.
  • An Instant Classic.

    The best part of this show is that it isnt worn out, and in the show, every character in this show is funny, and has there own type of humour.

    g g g g gg g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g
  • Has its moments...kind of...wait, no it doesn't

    i have seen just about every episode of Yes, Dear [thank you TBS] and i just can't see why people watch it. it is not original at all, and not funny. sure, it has its moments, but i can only think of ONE true moment when i laughed out loud, otherwise...its just, not good. Avoid.

    Stupid idea for a show, and the only reason it has been around as long as it has is because they sandwich it between successful shows so that it gets the stragglers from the future and previous shows.

    Good marketing CBS, because this piece of junk could never anchor a night.
  • If you are married, have kids, this is the best comedy show out there...

    In June 2006 I will be married for eight years. I have a beatiful wife and three beautiful children whom I love and would do anything in the world for.

    That being said, I love the opening credts of "Yes, Dear" that shows both parents/kids arriving at the beach with all of their beach gear, i.e. kids' toys, floaties, etc., as they watch a youner couple drive by in a convertible, top down, laughing and having a good time. It is a perfect portrayal of life and how priorities shift as you get older.

    I recommend this show to anyone but more to married couples with kids. You will find yourself laughing throughout the show.
  • Great Show

    Great Show
  • I love this show!! I cannot believe it is being cancelled!!! How could this happen?

    I love "Yes, Dear" and I can't believe it will be cancelled. This is one of the best shows on TV. There is great chemistry among the memebers of the cast and it is such a funny show. I'm still completely shocked that this great show is getting cancelled. This is an outrage!
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