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  • Great show, sad to see it go. (lol, I made a rhyme!)

    Yes Dear was a show that I thought I would never find myself watching. But as soon as I started watching the show I was very intrigued with what Yes Dear was showing. It shows a very real perspective on life in a family. I know, I know, everyone has a family. That's not what I mean. This show shows a family that has children and they all life together. They use this perspective to make for some very funny comedy, but also, they use it to show the love that a family can have when together. It's a very interesting idea their using. The show's get good family comedy, but good family lessons. Great show, It will be missed.
  • Yes, Dear came out of nowhere, and surprisingly its a hilarious sitcom!

    In the world of too many sitcoms, its hard to find a truely great one these days. The only 4 that I enjoy right now is Scrubs, Stacked, and now Yes, Dear. Its not the fact that Yes, Dear is perfect, but it is an enjoyable sitcom romp.

    The jokes are funny, the stupidness is funny, and the charecters especially Jimmy are hilarious. While I doubt that the show will last that many more seasons, at least while it lasts its a quite funny show that I enjoy here and there. Recommended
  • Odd Couple, but with a twist

    This is almost like the Odd Couple, but the only connection is that, they have sisters as relations. One sister is like a goody too shoes, and the other is laid back. And the guys are like that too, one is neat and orderly, while the other is messy. Both living in the same parallel universe.
  • great show.

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  • Better with every season. This show never fails to make me laugh.

    Outlandishly funny! I have always been a big fan of family like sitcoms and am happy that they still are around and running strong. This show just adds another notch to the belt. I am happy to see it still running 6 years strong and hope it makes another season afterwords!
  • This show is about two families that are complete opposites that are living together in LA.

    When you think about a comedy on CBS you think of a bland show that makes you want to watch QVC to purchase a chainsaw to kill yourself, but I gave Yes Dear a shot and I was quite suprised. It has great writing and I higher support giving this show a glance.
  • great show

    i recently discovered yes dear. As the first time watching this show, i loved this show. i watch it everyday. now a days it is hard to find t v shows that have "CLEAN" fun. This is the show that you can watch with the whole family. i highly recommand it to everyone.
  • Not REAL, we know that this situation dont represent the american society, its impossible to have a rich couple who will spend money and place on loseres and they hate the time their parents come over.

    Not REAL, we know that this situation dont represent the american society, its impossible to have a rich couple who will spend money and place on loseres and they hate the time their parents come over.
    no body is an idiot like Greg to let Jimmy stay and no body with no honor and degnity like Jimmy to stay without paying any money !!!!
    Can't find a single family doing this in the US society.
    the Base of the series is silly how come will it be funny to watch ?!!!
  • Watch it every day

    I always watch this show. I simply love it. It's funny cuz both the parents disagree on how to raise their kids. My fav episode is when they wathc too much blues clues and start imaginaing there in the show and junk like that. Great hsow i love it. yesirre.

  • Over all this is a good sex comedy.

    Over all this is a pretty good sex drama. It is pretty entertaining and is a good laugh. For the subject I almost put guilty pleasure. The show is about a relatively successful man with a beautiful wife and some kids. They live in relative luxury in their nice home but the man's wife has a sister with a husband that isn't so successful. The unsuccessful husband and his wife live in the guest house of the successful people. The successful man doesn't like the unsuccessful one but his wife insists that her sister will stay with them. If you like sex comedies you should like this show!
  • Very good show, although the older episodes seem to be better.

    Yes, Dear is a show that I think to be very underrated. It's one of the funniest sit-coms still on today. Its sheer originality is what makes it so great, and probably fairly easy to write for. The fact that it's so original causes the characters to face situations that other sit-coms can't, but still leaves room for classic sit-com situations. The stupidity of Jimmy and the wittiness of Greg come together to make some very funny jokes, and Kim's neurotic behavior versus the laid back Christine makes for some very creative situations. I would suggest looking this show up in your local TV listings and watching it sometime, if you like sit-coms I am sure you will fall in love with this one.
  • A colorful show that I will still take the time out to watch,sometimes disappointed with the lack of comedy in the episodes though.A few seem repetitive and leave me thinking wait did i see this one already,change up the plot some more and you will have a

    A great story for a show, the sisters Kim and Christine are not out of high school and college and ready to settle down. Both of them with kids and one with a house they are stuck in a predicament. Kim invites her family to come and live with them when most of the times she is regretting it. Kim's husband an uptight perfectionist contrasts Christine's husband Jimmy who lays low and would rather pop open a beer and watch football. The episodes vary in comedy some bring tears to my eyes and others I change the channel in disgust. Some just really aren't funny; but rather dumb. Overall it is a good show and will continue to watch it if it continues to air
  • i love this show it is one of my personal favorites

    i love this show like i said it is one of my favorites it is funny original and deals with real things although sometimes it gets kinda gross i still don't know how i would watch tele-vision without it being on the net work it is a guilty pleasure i watch it every evening at 11:00 p.m. i love the charactors i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ilove this show
  • Cute! This show always gives me something to smile about.

    While there are worse shows out there, "YES, DEAR" rides above those and bringing back to television the decent, and not too bawdy family comedy.

    "YES, DEAR" embraces and glorifies the family unit, and doesn't tear it down such as "Married, With Children", "The Family Guy", "The War at Home" and "American Dad" does. The humor in this show is very appropriate and often side-splitting. This show wonderfully contrasts parenting methods: the 1950's type of famliy versus the modern family. The results of this struggle give creedence to both ideals of family, and always makes me laugh.
  • Yes, Dear is a comedy that involves two families that are on total different sides of the spectrum on the views of parenting. The Hughes live with the Warners because the Hughes do not have the financial stability like the Warners, so they all live in the

    Yes, Dear is a really funny show because there are endless situations where there is always one problem in a parenting dilemma. The other family has their philosophy on how to parent their children. The show always has funny jokes that are conflicting between the two families where the parenting is good or bad. Also, it is a great family show even though there are adult situations. It is quite an entertaining show.
  • Yes Dear is a great comedy.

    Yes Dear is a great comedy. It is probably one of the greatest comedies that is still airing. Every week you are assured a laugh. They picked some very good and funny actors and actresses for this show. It has not been quite as good this season but it is still better than most other comedies.
  • Not just yet..

    ' Yes, Dear ' is not my new my best friend just yet but sure is getting close. I have only seena handful of episodes thanks to syndication and I like what I am seeing.
    ' Yes, Dear ' is one of the few sitcoms out there that I can actually relate to and believe. ' Seinfeld ' and ' Friends ' were not believable in my eyes. ' Yes, Dear ' is the one show I have found recently that I can actually watch with my wife and look at her and tell her that not only I can see it happening but I probably have done the same thing.

    I look forward to watching more episodes..
  • yes dear is a gerat show i'm a big big fan

    please don't take yes dear off ever

    p.s. jean is hot show more of her cute feet
    also i'm a huge fan of anthony clark from wen he was doing that collage show lizza from jessy awesome mike keep up the great work bro!!!
    joel your gonna be big little man logan your a verry funny kid........ better than seinfeld
  • Like a fish struggling to stay alive... its still funny.

    Who can argue with funny plots and some creative writers? To reading the 'Everyone Poops' book to the two couples buying gifts for there son to win over this girl? 'Its a puppy! Hes alergic to dogs! They have resorted to chemical warfare!' Give this a try two times, three times top and you will find to love it!
  • A stich

    This show is one of the best comidies of recient time. Jimmy and his family (Christine, Dominic, and Logan) live with a sucessful busisness man Greg who is married to Christine\'s sister (Kim). This show has never become stale after watching it in synidaction every day. The writers never run out of content and is worth watching as much as possible due to its hilarious content. Greg is the classic nerd and Jimmy is a classic jock, two absoulty opposite charaters and the combination is a hoot. Check it out every wednesday night on cbs. Should be out on DVD some time soon
  • losing its feel fast!

    this episode was one of my fav and what happen to the set on this episode did Jimmy And Christine get a new house! now Don't get me wrong i like Yes Dear i still thank its a good comedy but im sure that this season will be its last it just isn't working anymore but i can't wait to see the upcoming episodes of Yes Dear and again i would surely bet this season will be its last and i like it in syndication that way i can relive the classic episodes i still like yes Dear but after this season i think it should be it last!
  • Yes Dear is the BEST show ever!!!

    I just stumbled across this show a few months ago and I honestly have to say that this show is the GREATEST!!!!!! My husband and I absolutely love this show!!!!!!! Cancellation?!!!! NEVER!!!!!! That would be worst thing that any brodcasting company could ever do!!!! Leave it as it is because these fans LOVE IT!!!!
  • this is a comedy classics

    I watch this show all the time. I laugh from the first minute to the last minute. It makes my stomach hurt. It's a great show and is a classic in the making. Hope the show gets a long run like shows like frasier, cheers, and married with children. Looking forward to the new season
  • A comedy that sadly is one of the best things out their. It is not horrible but I thik it is only kept on because their is no other comedies left on tv.

    This show is not a bad show. But cosidering it is one of the best comedies on television it makes me sad this show has ok acting at best and the scripts can be second scripts at best( good comedies like Seinfeld rejects). I think if their was good comedies on the bube this show would not be their any more.
  • I like this show, nobody can change that.

    I like this show alot, i mean two couples, one in the guesthouse and random events happening. I say its pretty funny, and people who hate this show, can rot in hell. (except friends, i have none :( thats good :) )Its on my schedule of shows. People can insult me, kick me, burn me, but then itll all backfire right at you and you will regret insulting this show. :)
  • Here's a show that stayed under CBS's radar.

    This was one of those shows that took a few years to get into.

    It's not one of the best written shows on the air, but I do enjoy watching it.

    I really got into this show when it when on in syndication. I was upset that CBS held back the season premiere of this show last year.

    I don't like the fact that they tried to kill it off (intentional or not). But, I'm afraid that this next season will probably be the last and I don't expect it to be that good either. If CBS is expecting it to be bad then the writers aren't going to give it their best.

    I'm sorry, but at least the first several seasons were enjoyable. Still something to do for 30-minutes.
  • this show is the funniest thing scince sienfeld, it runs alongside chappelles show as my favorite. The Joke about Greg always implying that he wants Jimmy out never gets old

    FUNNNNNNNNNNY. this show is all about 2 familys ( both related ) who live in the same house. One family is succesful, the other , living in their guesthouse , not so sucessful. Full of funny moments that never run dry. This is the funniest sit com ever. Great Show. I hope it can last a couple more years before it runs dry.
  • This show is one of the funniest around.

    This show gets better every episode. It's really funny and I love just sitting down to watch a couple episodes everyday. I don't think this show has ever been boring. The fact that as the seasons go on the characters just get funnier is awesome. The characters themselves are awesome though because each couple are alike yet when you look at the 4 of them they are totally different.
  • A very nice Family Comedy.Comedies like this are a dying breed,and its nice to know a few are still out there.

    Two couples make up this show.While one couple owns their own house,their brother and sister in-laws live in their guest house.Not since Seinfeld and Everbodyloves raymond has a comedy like this caught my interest.As with all comedies,there are a few episodes you may not find very "Family Friendly"but that comes with the territory.The show is a pretty clean and fun Family Comedy that you won't mind sharing with your older kids and Teens,if you can get your teens to watch it with you ;)This is a personal favorite of mine.And while you may not get as hooked on it as I am,its worth a second glance at the very least.
  • Sometimes the show is funny. Sometimes it is not so funny.

    I have occasionally watched this show, mostly every weeknight during the summer, for something to watch with my mother. If I had a choice to watch this show by myself, I probably would not. Personally, I think that Mike O' Malley is the funniest actor on the show. Greg can sometimes be funny but he is often uptight and demanding. Greg's wife can be annoying at times. Mike's wife is goofy and simpathetic. Mike's kids are uncooperative. If I had to parent those kids, they would require good discipline. I would ground them, take away their priveleges, make them sit in the corner, and spank them as well.
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