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  • Not REAL, we know that this situation dont represent the american society, its impossible to have a rich couple who will spend money and place on loseres and they hate the time their parents come over.

    Not REAL, we know that this situation dont represent the american society, its impossible to have a rich couple who will spend money and place on loseres and they hate the time their parents come over.
    no body is an idiot like Greg to let Jimmy stay and no body with no honor and degnity like Jimmy to stay without paying any money !!!!
    Can't find a single family doing this in the US society.
    the Base of the series is silly how come will it be funny to watch ?!!!
  • Horrible, just horrible.

    One of the worst shows on television. From what I've seen, it's about a moocher who is so poor that he has to live in the backyard of his brother's house, and he doesn't give him jack in return. The mother is way to overprotective of Sam, her son, while Greg, the husband, seems to be the woman of the family.

    Yeah, I know, you're going to disagree with this review. I expect it...after all, I don't watch the show that much. But, from the 20 or so episodes I have seen, this show hits rock bottom. Moocher + overprotective mother + nervous father = two thumbs down.
  • Has its moments...kind of...wait, no it doesn't

    i have seen just about every episode of Yes, Dear [thank you TBS] and i just can't see why people watch it. it is not original at all, and not funny. sure, it has its moments, but i can only think of ONE true moment when i laughed out loud, otherwise...its just, not good. Avoid.

    Stupid idea for a show, and the only reason it has been around as long as it has is because they sandwich it between successful shows so that it gets the stragglers from the future and previous shows.

    Good marketing CBS, because this piece of junk could never anchor a night.
  • this show is so stupid and unoriginal

    I watched this show in New Zealand. I disliked this show very much it is so irritating i watched one episode waiting for something good to happen i kept waiting, waiting, waiting but nothing good ever happened i would rate this show a 2.5 out of 10 at the most. some of the characters are really stupid and its a bit weird that the episode that i watch some one of the characters sister and her husband and kids all lived with them in their guest house so there were four adults and i think four children all living together sharing food and electricity. they would go through quite a bit of food and have a big powerbill if it was real life.
  • This show isn't my cup of tea.

    Maybe my rating was a bit harsh, but I have to say that I still think it is a below average show. The acting was okay, but it just seemed that it was just like any other sitcom. I found the show to be really boring and I can't stand the same old storylines. With all of that said, it is by far better than some of the junk sitcoms on today. It also is better than Still Standing. I really know for a fact that I would rather watch paint dry than watch that show. Overall, it is time to say close call. Thank you.
  • Yikes, what an annoying show. I keep waiting for the main characters to get into a catastrophic accident so the more likeable other two characters can have the stage.

    The main character, Greg, has obviously been neutered. I suppose the title of the show comes from this unfortunate fact, as any command that witch of a wife gives him is done immediately by her submissive husband.

    The couple that lives in their backyard is somewhat funnier, but not by much. Jimmy is probably the only likeable character there is in the whole show because he's actually a MAN and signifies what a real man would be like in a relationship. He's not a complete sissy like Greg.

    Anybody who likes Vicki Lawrence or Tim Conway would be best advised to stay away from the episodes in which they play Greg's parents. Absolutely atrocious. They must have REALLY needed the money.

    Bottom line, any show needs to have funny and likeable characters in order to have long lasting success on network TV. This crap has been around a few years but never that high in the ratings. I don't know why it's still on.
  • This show is half-a$$ed at best. The entire script consists of cheap-shots and complaints and contains non of the wit or even the solid actors of Seinfeld or Friends.

    This show is lame brained and stupid half of the time. Every episode opens with Anthony Clark (Greg) complaining about how Mike O'Malley (Kimmy) and Liza Snyder (Christine)are freeloading in his house. It's just a train wreck of cheap-shots about not paying to live in someones house. Luckily the other half, ususally supplied by Mike O'Malley, is mildly funny, as long as you leave your brain in some drawer. If you want to laugh, find something with better writing and actors like Seinfeld, Friends, or even to a lesser extent, Home Improvment.
  • Complete waste of my time and your time ok? The show is not that funny and i don't think it makes sense.. AT ALL! Come poeple it's just aobut a guy and guy and women and some baby and...ya.Just do yourself a favor and change the channel.

    I don't don't want to write a review for this i made myself clear about it. i just want to sit back and watch a better show than this.Yes dear is stupid and i hate it ! Wait and one more thing if i see the show again am going....
  • A very one-sided show that revolves around two boring couples.

    First off, i don\'t get that the successful nerd Greg is cocky but acts like a woman due to his crazy wife. Jimmy irritates me because here we have an ugly fat, bald guy with no job but he still manages to act like a man due to his coolness in high-school. When you look carefully at this bland show, you will realize that almost every episode agrues high school social lives are just as important as adult ones, which is a total lie.

    There are a few laughs but the jokes are always hitting below the belt. For example:

    Greg: I\'m smarter then you and i have a successful carreer.
    Jimmy: Well, I was cool in High School.

    The very annoying part about this show is that Greg always loses the battles with Jimmy, despite the fact that Jimmy is a worthless dropout. The more interesting episodes are the ones that don\'t revolve around what happend in high school or college. Those ones manage to seem a bit more fresh then the other episodes.

    It had good potential but I geuss they just ran out of things to say. I was no surprise that it got cancelled, even if it offered laughs every now and then. The show will appeal to people more if they can get past the Jimmy/Greg fights repetetive formula. I am still a frequent viewer of reruns though, so don\'t hate me for the low score.
  • This show is okay to watch when there is nothing on, but doesn't have the comical genius required to make a good comedy.

    The show Yes Dear, in my opinion, was good for a few laughs, but remains as something that you simply put on when their is nothing else on tv. The main reason for this is because the show has many moments where it simply 'tries too hard', and winds up showing some things which begin to annoy you. Hearing Greg say 'hello' whenever he tells a joke was origionally a good idea to emphasize his nerdiness, but whenever i hear it, it makes me want to be sick! Some other things that this show could have used to be truely funny ended up simply over the top and embarrassing, and the show would be much better if it just toned down some of it's jokes. I also do not like the unrelatable characters of Kim and Greg. Jimmy and Christine are basically the one funny part of the show, and I would probably like the show better if they were the only characters. Greg and Kim would just never be believable as real people, and it is hard to enjoy watching a story about people who you would never be able to relate to. It is just too hard to feel sorry for someone who has enough money to own a guest house, and a comedy always needs to have a likeable main cast to be funny. Like I origionally stated, Yes Dear is good for the occasional laugh (usually from the Hughes family), and isn't a total flop, I just wish they had gone in a better direction with the basic idea of the show.
  • Not a bad show, but not the best.

    This show is pretty average territory. While it does tend to take stances on parenting issues (usually with each couple on different ends of the spectrum), chances are you won't see anything controversial. For the most part it sticks to the tried and true traditional sitcom conventions and storylines. The best thing thsis how has going for it is its recurring cast. Not incredibly innovative but it's not as stagnant as some other sitcoms. The show is mildly funny and is usually good enough to get a few yucks out of me. I've definitely seen better and I've definitely seen a lot worse.
  • Umm...ok ok

    This show could be a little better. It just didnt hold my interest that long.. Compared to shows like Still Standing and Grounded For Life, it's just ok.. nothin to scream about.

    It's worth a watch only if you really really want a little humor.. But now it's cancelled so, screw that idea.

    Anyway, jimmy, cristine and the kids are funny, and the rest of it is just mild ...
  • Sometimes the show is funny. Sometimes it is not so funny.

    I have occasionally watched this show, mostly every weeknight during the summer, for something to watch with my mother. If I had a choice to watch this show by myself, I probably would not. Personally, I think that Mike O' Malley is the funniest actor on the show. Greg can sometimes be funny but he is often uptight and demanding. Greg's wife can be annoying at times. Mike's wife is goofy and simpathetic. Mike's kids are uncooperative. If I had to parent those kids, they would require good discipline. I would ground them, take away their priveleges, make them sit in the corner, and spank them as well.
  • Nothing Special... But worth watching at least once!

    This show isn't amazing. But it does have its moments. Sometimes When I'm flipping through channels I'll watch it. I like Jimmy Hughes better on Glee though.
  • Your typical american family sitcom x 2

    I really used to ADORE this show on its first 2 seasons but then it started going downhill little by little. The jokes started being less funny every episode and the stories started getting dumber and dumber as if by making really stupid episodes things would improve. Still, a very good show for today standards in which sex and violence are present even in sitcoms.

    Things I love about the show: The kids are actually funny! they are not simply fillers, they play an important part of the show.

    I also like Greg's personality. He reminds me of myself a lot of the times.

    A great show!
  • Cute! This show always gives me something to smile about.

    While there are worse shows out there, "YES, DEAR" rides above those and bringing back to television the decent, and not too bawdy family comedy.

    "YES, DEAR" embraces and glorifies the family unit, and doesn't tear it down such as "Married, With Children", "The Family Guy", "The War at Home" and "American Dad" does. The humor in this show is very appropriate and often side-splitting. This show wonderfully contrasts parenting methods: the 1950's type of famliy versus the modern family. The results of this struggle give creedence to both ideals of family, and always makes me laugh.
  • A comedy that sadly is one of the best things out their. It is not horrible but I thik it is only kept on because their is no other comedies left on tv.

    This show is not a bad show. But cosidering it is one of the best comedies on television it makes me sad this show has ok acting at best and the scripts can be second scripts at best( good comedies like Seinfeld rejects). I think if their was good comedies on the bube this show would not be their any more.
  • Here's a show that stayed under CBS's radar.

    This was one of those shows that took a few years to get into.

    It's not one of the best written shows on the air, but I do enjoy watching it.

    I really got into this show when it when on in syndication. I was upset that CBS held back the season premiere of this show last year.

    I don't like the fact that they tried to kill it off (intentional or not). But, I'm afraid that this next season will probably be the last and I don't expect it to be that good either. If CBS is expecting it to be bad then the writers aren't going to give it their best.

    I'm sorry, but at least the first several seasons were enjoyable. Still something to do for 30-minutes.
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  • Better than most comedies today

    I liked this show a lot. Why they wasted time and money developing it, cancelling it, bringing it back and then cancelling it again- I don't know. Jimmy and Christine were definitely the cuter/funnier couple- but Greg and Kim were ok too. Especially when Greg would insult Jimmy for moving in with his inlaws or not having a job. The segments with the kids were also really funny. For instance, the ep where Jimmy and Greg had one of the kids friends fighting against Greg son in the backyard and they invited people over to watch. I really don't think this show was promoted as much as it should've been. I don't see how it could get cancelled twice and CBS still keeps tons of other crud on the network.
  • Yes, Dear is about Greg and Kim who have a sucessful life and have just started a family. Then Kim's sister Christine and mooch husband Jimmy move in to the guest house. Though they're just staying until they're able to get a house. it looks as though the

    Although this show wreeks of unoriginal situational comedy, I still find it refreshing to watch. Every episode is packed with one liners that although they are predictable, they always make me chuckle. Most of the plots are the same every episode, but every now and then a celibrity, like Chuck Norris, will make a cameo, or another CBS show will make an appearance. Although the show is hokey its always a good watch.
  • It's actually funny!

    I always knew about the show, but never really watched it. It was just one of the shows that you don't watch. Then, when I was home during the summer, I started to watch it and to tell you, it was actually funny. Jimmy is just stupid, Kim and Christine are have some insane children and Greg is just a nerd! But, it is a funny show and I recommened you watch it!
  • A colorful show that I will still take the time out to watch,sometimes disappointed with the lack of comedy in the episodes though.A few seem repetitive and leave me thinking wait did i see this one already,change up the plot some more and you will have a

    A great story for a show, the sisters Kim and Christine are not out of high school and college and ready to settle down. Both of them with kids and one with a house they are stuck in a predicament. Kim invites her family to come and live with them when most of the times she is regretting it. Kim's husband an uptight perfectionist contrasts Christine's husband Jimmy who lays low and would rather pop open a beer and watch football. The episodes vary in comedy some bring tears to my eyes and others I change the channel in disgust. Some just really aren't funny; but rather dumb. Overall it is a good show and will continue to watch it if it continues to air
  • Love this. Wish this was on DVD

  • This very funny and yet loving sitcom was larger than life in it\'s six wonderful seasons. It was always a cult following. I think CBS has quite a few of those sitcoms.

    It was only on for six seasons but in fact no one thought it would get past one. But Yes, Dear was a soild performer for CBS from 2000-2006. The show put conservative views vs. liberal views on parenting. It was something that you could watch with your kids and it was 2 loving families put together. A modern day Brady Bunch I call it. I loved seeing Vicki Lawerence in this show. She is sooo funny. Tim Conaway too. They all crack me up and yet they played such loving parents. I think that\'s how they are in real life. I think that\'s I loved about Yes, Dear the most. The show was very realistic to how parents are. It\'s a very mixed field. I think because it was sooo real the humor came naturally. They didn\'t have to be over the top to be funny. I wish they could have gone one more season to at least say goodbye. But it\'s nice to leave when you\'re on top.
  • Funny sitcom about two couples...

    Yes, Dear is a show about four adults, that are two couples and they all have kids. Many things happen between them on every single episode. Many funny moments of this show and the re-runs are great! Not much to it, so to end this pretty short. Yes, Dear is a great comedy that should be more talked about than it is.
  • A smart show with a variety of options.

    Yes Dear is a show I frequent on a number of occasions, its smart writing and acting talent are a winning combination. The show centers around 4 adults. Greg and Kim Warner, Kim's Sister Christine and her husband who live in the guesthouse. Both couples have two children. Making a total of 8 living on the Warner property. Greg works at a movie studio as an exceutive, and Jimmy works at a movie studio as a security gaurd. The show's writing is very clean and I would recommend this show to anyone who is in for a good laugh.

    Favorite Episode: Hustlin' Hughes

    Purely, for the major league fight at the end. And of course: the lovable "Mule Train".
  • It is sincerly a great show

    It has a hilarious cast of characters. It has a naggish form of comedy but none of the less funny and clever. I watch it quite often because it has a stupid but funny feel for it. Is rather good but not the best. Still it can be funny throughout its show.

    SCORE: 3.5/5
  • losing its feel fast!

    this episode was one of my fav and what happen to the set on this episode did Jimmy And Christine get a new house! now Don't get me wrong i like Yes Dear i still thank its a good comedy but im sure that this season will be its last it just isn't working anymore but i can't wait to see the upcoming episodes of Yes Dear and again i would surely bet this season will be its last and i like it in syndication that way i can relive the classic episodes i still like yes Dear but after this season i think it should be it last!
  • this was a pretty good show actually it was funny and but not excatly a family show even though it was about family life

    this was a pretty good show actually it was funny and but not excatly a family show even though it was about family life. the cahracters are fuunny and adthe homely family of Greg and kim play off of the rowdy family of Jimmy and christine, and threre kids get to grow up in an arrangement almos t like wo mothers and two fathers. this would be a family show if it wasnt for all the talk about sex and other issues that the chracters face. okay thats beasically my rEview for this show Yes Dear i i i i
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