Yes, Dear

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • This very funny and yet loving sitcom was larger than life in it\'s six wonderful seasons. It was always a cult following. I think CBS has quite a few of those sitcoms.

    It was only on for six seasons but in fact no one thought it would get past one. But Yes, Dear was a soild performer for CBS from 2000-2006. The show put conservative views vs. liberal views on parenting. It was something that you could watch with your kids and it was 2 loving families put together. A modern day Brady Bunch I call it. I loved seeing Vicki Lawerence in this show. She is sooo funny. Tim Conaway too. They all crack me up and yet they played such loving parents. I think that\'s how they are in real life. I think that\'s I loved about Yes, Dear the most. The show was very realistic to how parents are. It\'s a very mixed field. I think because it was sooo real the humor came naturally. They didn\'t have to be over the top to be funny. I wish they could have gone one more season to at least say goodbye. But it\'s nice to leave when you\'re on top.
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