Yes, Dear

Season 2 Episode 17

Room for Improvement

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 04, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Dominic keeps his parents up because he wants to sleep in their bed rather than the one he now shares with Logan (who kicks him at night), Kim offers to convert their spare bedroom into Dominic's new room. Though he doesn't use it, Greg still wants the room and unsuccessfully attempts to convince Dominic not to take it. The first night after Dominic moves in, Greg catches him walking out of the kitchen, then finds his wallet on the kitchen floor with all the money gone. Christine talks to Dominic about it, and when he says he didn't steal the money, nobody believes Greg. The next night, Greg finds Dominic returned his money. Greg tries to thank him, only to realize the kid is sleepwalking when Dominic kicks him and pokes him in the eye. Christine worries he may be suffering from stress caused by living in a new room. The third night Dominic sleepwalks, Kim is present when he smacks Greg and threatens to throw him out if he doesn't pay his rent. Kim thinks Greg's jokes about the Hughes not paying rent are the cause of it. Since she wants to make Dominic feel more welcome, Greg goes out and buys lots of kid stuff to fix up the room. But on the fourth night, Dominic bashes his new picture over Greg's head. Just when it seems nothing will stop Dominic's reign of sleep, Greg finds him and Jimmy watching videos of The Three Stooges together -- including shorts where money is stolen, a picture is bashed over someone's head, and a landlady threatens to kick the Stooges out if they don't pay their rent.
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