Yes, Dear

Season 3 Episode 23

Savitsky's Tennis Club

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 12, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mr. Savitsky invites Greg to join him and his new Playmate wife, Lisa, at a charity dinner for the homeless, because he got stuck buying a table and has six seats to fill. Greg makes Kim go -- not because he wants to help the homeless, but because he wants to impress the boss and further his career by having Kim schmooze Lisa. Desperate to help him fill the other four, Greg reluctantly agrees to let Jimmy, Christine, Billy and Billy's price-memorizing supermarket clerk date, Debbie, tag along. When Greg sees Kim not doing what he asked, he orders her to go talk to Lisa, but the woman is such a foul-mouthed, lush-faced, sex-obsessed bimbo that Kim ends the conversation in disgust. After a very smashed Christine steps in and hits it off with Lisa, Greg changes tactics and decides they'll both go to Savitsky's tennis club -- via a trip that Savitsky put up for auction at the dinner -- so the four of them can spend the whole day together and Kim can win Lisa over without it looking desperate. Yet, every time Greg places a bid, he gets outbid by a man who tells him that Savitsky doesn't actually want to play tennis with anyone, and paid him to outbid everyone. The silent auction ends with the man as the winner, and an enraged Savitsky finds out that he has to pay $4000 to play tennis with himself. Lisa breaks the camel's back by inviting Christine and Jimmy to a match. So Greg grabs Kim, and tries to butt in on their game. But the Warners and the Hughes end up playing each other, as Savitsky and Lisa want to sit one out and play whomever wins. Greg and Kim massacre Jimmy and Christine. Kim wants to throw their match with the Savitskys, while Greg wants to beat them so they'll be seen as worthy competitors. After he lays a guilt trip on her and claims she never supports him, Kim slams the ball... and nails Lisa right in her implants. While Lisa is being retouched, Savitsky informs Greg that she doesn't like Kim. He then makes Greg give Jimmy a raise; that way, Christine can afford to take Lisa shopping on Rodeo Drive to make it up to her.