Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 23

Shirley Cooks with Love

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 17, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

For Jimmy's and Christine's anniversary, Greg gives them a video of their wedding that he personally "directed" himself. He even managed to get One Day at a Time's Pat Harrington, Jr. to host it. Jimmy, Christine, Greg and Kim all settle down on the living room couch to watch. As the events of the big day, May 3, 1994, unfold, Jenny wonders how Jimmy will be able to support Christine after getting fired from his job, Best Man Billy attempts to conquer his nerves before giving his big speech -- through alcohol, Kitty can't seem to get her act together on time, and Jimmy's pants and Big Jimmy's socks are MIA. When Jimmy and Christine finally have their wedding dance, Kim spoils the event by announcing that Greg just proposed to her, putting all eyes in the room on them. When Christine sees that incident was showcased in Greg's tape, she gets up and tells Kim and Greg off for ruining her wedding and being selfish. Unaware until now that Christine was mad at them her entire wedding day, Greg blurts out that he thought she looked mad that day because Jimmy got cold feet (due to his financial instability) and wanted to jilt Christine. Since Christine didn't know that, that makes one more person she's mad at. When Kim needles Jimmy for trying to leave her sister at the altar, Jimmy blurts out that Greg never intentionally proposed; while Greg was trying to talk him into going through with the wedding, Kim was listening to the whole thing in the bathroom, and mistakenly thought Greg's marriage speech to him was to her. And so everybody hates everyone.