Yes, Dear

Season 6 Episode 15

Should I Bring a Jacket?

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 15, 2006 on CBS

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  • Beautifully Done

    What a perfect ending to this amazing comedy considering they didn't have time to write a real finale.

    For 6 years we watched Greg reign superior over Jimmy, and at the same time we watched Jimmy change Greg for the better. Jimmy never got any respect. Even when he got his own house.

    For 6 years we also watched Kim try to show superiority over Christine, and at the same time we saw Kim loosen up and go with the flow. I thought it was so classy when Greg finally admitted to Jimmy that he wasn't a brother-in-law; he was a Brother.

    The very last scene showed Jimmy and Christine moving back into Greg and Kims house. What a classic way of bringing the show full circle.
  • This is is one insane episode! You learn alot from this. obliviously greg and kim don\\\'t have a certain chemestry. Neither does Jimmy or Christine. At the end is the real shocker. You would never believe what happens in the end.

    Jimmy listens to Greg and Kim listens to Christine. They get what they want. The end is intense in a way. This episode should not have been the end. Who ever decided to stop it must have not been thinking. This show is awesome. Go watch it! comes on channel 139 TBS. enjoy!