Yes, Dear

Season 3 Episode 22

Sorority Girl

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 05, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Christine is studying at the table while Greg, Kim and Jimmy are talking about how they used to study in college. When they talk about study groups, Jimmy suggests that Christine join one. Christine is reluctant to do so because she is afraid of being the weird old lady in class. After some more encouraging she decides to join one. The opening credits of the show roll.

When the show returns Christine realizes that the study session was at a sorority house. Christine at first refuses to go in but Jimmy convinces her to go anyways.

Inside the sorority house Christine introduces herself to everyone else. After the study session was done Christine discussed her family with everyone else. Then all the sorority pledges come downstairs and Christine's study group starts to boss them around. The girls have taken such a liking to Christine that they make her an honorary sister. Christine takes the position and has one of the pledges rub her feet and calves. The show goes to commercial.

When the show returns Kim and Greg are in the living room. Jimmy comes in asks why Christine is so late. Then Christine walks in and a pledge follows right behind her. She explains that the pledge drove her home and carried her books for her. Christine explains to the group that she has joined a sorority much to the groups surprise. Jimmy is actually turned on by the whole thing and Kim is a little offended.

Greg is in the kitchen with Jimmy who cooked dinner. Kim entered and the three discussed Christine and the sorority.

Jimmy is bathing Logan and Dominic. However Logan screams every time Jimmy tries to rinse out Logan's hair. Since Jimmy has become soaked by the experience he decides to just get in the tub with the kids.

At the sorority house Christine impresses the sisters with her Anna Nicole impressions.

Greg and Kim are in bed complaining about the food Jimmy made. Jimmy comes in and is carrying Logan. Jimmy explains that he has to go to work and that Christine is still at the sorority. He asks if Logan can sleep with them. He explains that Logan is afraid of the dark. When Greg turns off the light Logan lets out a blood curdling scream.

Greg is woken up in the middle of the night. He can't sleep because of Logan. He decides to sleep on the couch.

At the sorority house, when the sisters hear that Christine went home they decide to kidnap her and take her back. However, they mistake Greg on the couch for Christine and kidnap him. When they take him back to the house they are surprised at the sight of Greg.

The next day Kim is mocking Greg for being over-powered by a bunch of sorority girls. When Jimmy comes in Kim explains that Christine has left for a sorority party and Jimmy becomes upset.

At the party, Jimmy comes in and tells Christine to come home. He confronts her about how he has had to take care of the kids all week. He reminds her that she is a wife and a mother and can't be out all night raising hell. Christine convinces Jimmy to stay and party with her at the house.

Greg and Christine are upset about having to watch Logan and Dominic again. Greg decides to go to the party and bring back Jimmy and Christine.

Meanwhile, at the party Jimmy rides a bike down the stairs to the chanting of his name. Greg comes into the house and confronts Jimmy and Christine but they don't leave and the sorority sisters kick him out of the house.

The next morning Jimmy and Christine awake in the back seat of a car. Christine tells Jimmy that she is going to start spending more time at home again. Then they are interrupted by a cop who explains to them that the car they are in is not their own. When they get out they are recognized by a woman from the PTA and they agree that they shouldn't party hard again. The show ends

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