Yes, Dear

Season 3 Episode 1

Spanks, but no Spanks

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 23, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Christine catches Dominic in his fifth lie in one week, she goes to Jimmy, who decides that he has to put his foot down with the kid -- despite the fact that he's been the softie parent all along. But when Jimmy's tough talk doesn't stop Dominic from lying, he plans to give Dominic his first spanking, against Kim's advice. Christine sides with Kim at first, but then she remembers how spanking worked on her, and agrees to let Jimmy go ahead with it. Since it hurt Jimmy more than it did Dominic, Jimmy makes it up to him by offering to take him to the go-cart track. But right before their trip, Jimmy finds out from Christine that Dominic lied yet again. Although neither Jimmy nor Christine can muster up the strength to administer more corporal punishment on Dominic, they inadvertently stumble onto the answer: Jimmy tells him he's not taking him to the go-carts... thus showing him how it feels when you lie to someone.