Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 3

Spare Parts

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 06, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Billy asks Greg to do him a favor and pull some strings to get him an audition for a movie shooting at the studio, since he's eager to get back into the acting game -- even if it's for a part called Big Guy on Scooter. Seeing his good deed in action, Jimmy asks Greg to pull some strings and get him a pitch session with some movie guys at the studio. Greg turns him down cold, and when an annoyed Jimmy asks why he'd help Billy and not him, Greg tells him that Billy's more disciplined than he is. In private, Kim demands that Greg help Jimmy get what he wants, but Greg feels he's already helped him enough, getting him the job and a place to live. Plus, it'll just look bad, since Jimmy is his brother-in-law. When Greg is finally persuaded, or so it seems, he hands Jimmy a stack of books and scripts to read before he'll agree to go through with it, fully expectant that he'll never bother to read them. But Jimmy surprises him by reading every last one, and Greg hems and haws, and ultimately refuses to help. So while Greg is in an important meeting with Mr. Savitsky, Jimmy barges in and does the pitch without Greg's approval. Jimmy sells his heart out on his futuristic sci-fi romantic action-adventure called "Spare Parts," but despite all his dolls, color posters and spunk, Savitsky isn't interested. Yet, after hearing the entire spiel, Greg realizes what a good idea Jimmy had after all, and encourages him to get back on the horse and try elsewhere.
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