Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 4

Speed Dating

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 13, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Billy enters himself into a five-minute speed dating service, and Jimmy agrees to drive him there. When they arrive, Billy gets cold feet, so Jimmy decides to join him in the ring for moral support. Billy strikes out due to nerves, but Jimmy's nonchalant attitude towards the whole thing lands him callbacks from 24 out of 30 women. While Christine gloats with Jimmy over how many chicks are interested in him, Greg states that he could snare more women using the same service, because he's a much better catch. When the Hughes laugh, Greg turns it into a contest, and signs up for the service behind Kim's back -- something which she's not happy about after he gloats about how well he thinks he did. But when he and the others all check out the scoreboard online, a disappointed Greg sees he only got 21. Greg tries to pin the blame on the day of the week he went, but Jimmy resumes gloating when he sees that one of the women who voted "no" to another date with Greg voted "yes" to another with him. Greg becomes quite the sore loser, and heads down to the office where that one woman, Katherine, works as a dentist, to find out why she liked Jimmy and not him. The gloatee becomes the gloater when Katherine admits that she felt he was out of her league. She also gets the wrong idea about his visit, thinking he came because he wants her. Greg plans to race home to rub it in Jimmy's face, but before he can, Jimmy apologizes (at Christine's urging) for being a jerk about things, because, since Greg has got so much more than he does, he had to brag about the one thing he got. Just when it seems like Greg will continue the illusion to keep up Jimmy's spirits, he blurts out what Katherine said. Yet, Jimmy finds a way to turn it around and continue gloating.