Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 4

Speed Dating

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 13, 2003 on CBS



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    • Greg: I would like to sign up for speed dating.
      Speed Dating Host: Are you sure?
      Greg: Yeah, what, you don't think women would go for me? I'm a hardworking, honest guy.
      Speed Dating Host: That's great. But before you tell 30 women how honest you are, you might want to take off your wedding ring.

    • Christine: Hey, how'd it go?
      Jimmy: Oh, fantastic. It's the greatest invention ever.
      Christine: What, speed dating?
      Jimmy: No, a little bell that makes women stop talking.

    • Billy: Well, originally, I'm from Baltimore. That's halfway between Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. Actually, it's closer to D.C. It's about 40 miles from D.C. It's about 80 miles from Philadelphia. I don't know why I said halfway. Philadelphia is actually in another state. So is Washington, D.C. Actually, Washington, D.C. isn't a state, it's a district.
      Billy: Oh, jeez, you didn't even get a chance to talk. Quick, say something.
      Wendy: Goodbye.

    • Jimmy: Uh, yeah, listen, um. Billy's kind of nervous, so I'm just going to stay and I'm going to do speed dating with him.
      Christine: What? I don't want you down there flirting with a bunch of women.
      Jimmy: No, look, Christine, if I don't stay, Billy's going to leave, okay? And if he doesn't find a girl, he's just going to go home and fantasize about one like he does every night.
      Christine: Well, that's not my problem.
      Jimmy: Christine, the girl is you.
      Christine: Go! Go, go, go!

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  • Allusions

    • At one point, Jimmy says, "the ladies love cool Jimmy." This is a reference to rapper and actor LL Cool J (AKA James Todd Smith). LL Cool J stands for Ladies Love Cool James.

    • Christine: Let's see if my husband is a P.I.M.P.
      "P.I.M.P." is a popular rap song released that year, by rapper 50 Cent.

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