Yes, Dear

Season 1 Episode 15

The Big Snip

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 12, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

The show opens in the living room. Greg spills some juice on the carpet. Jimmy tries to convince Greg to blame it on Sammy much to Greg's reluctance. When Kim comes in the guys blame it on Sammy and Kim believes them. Then Greg asks Jimmy how he thought of that and Jimmy tells him he learned the idea when he spilled Spaghettios in the bed. He also said it only works until they learn how to say "daddy did it."

Christine enters the room carrying groceries. Jimmy asks where she has been and she snaps back saying, "I was taking the groceries for a walk." Then they all head into the kitchen. Jimmy comments on the generic twinkies Christine bought saying he thinks they can afford the real thing. Jimmy then finds a pregnancy test in the grocery bag and everyone realizes Christine might be pregnant. Jimmy asks Christine if she is on birth control and Christine replies that the pill is only 99% effective and Jimmy says, "everyone meet Mr. 1 percent." Greg then starts to rant about having another person living in the guest house. Cut to show intro.

Cut back to the Show. Christine is on the bed waiting for the test results. The results come in and it has one line. They read the directions and realize Christine is not pregnant much to their relief. They then begin to drink a few beers and discuss how another child would be a lot more responsibility.

Cut to Kitchen. Greg is waiting for the results without any patience while Kim tells him to calm down. He then explains that he does not want another Hughes living in the guest house that it is crowded enough already. Then Jimmy and Christine come in and break the news, Jimmy says, "He shoots, he doesn't score." When Christine replies, "Thanks, Jimmy." They all sit down at the table and Kim suggests that Jimmy gets a vasectomy. Jimmy is completely against this idea. Jimmy then suggests that Christine gets her tubes tied. Christine tells Jimmy that getting her tubes tied would be a major surgery and Jimmy says that the word ectomy means it's a horrible experience. Then Christine says the only other option is to stop having sex. Jimmy says that he would rather do that than have a vasectomy so they agree on not having sex again. Jimmy and Christine exit. Greg says, "Do you hear that Christine we can finally sleep with the window open."

Cut to the bedroom. It is the middle of the night and Both Jimmy and Christine are awake. Jimmy asks Christine if she is thinking about sex. She says no the first 3 times, but the fourth time she caves in and admits she is. Then Jimmy suggests that they kiss a little. However, they end up having sex and commenting how it has never been as good as it was. Then Jimmy decides that he will get a vasectomy. He then asks Christine if she is still thinking about sex and they start to go at it again. Cut to commercial.

The show comes back with Jimmy and Greg in the kitchen. Greg says, "Hey Jimmy, I heard you agreed to get the Big Snip." Jimmy cringes at Greg calling it that and told him he regrets making the decision saying he only said it because him and Christine had just had sex. Jimmy then explains to Greg his distaste for doctors. Greg asked Jimmy if Christine knew he doesn't go to the doctor. Jimmy said he hasn't told her because he wants Christine to think he is fearless. Then Greg tries to convince him to go and offers to go to the doctor with him. Jimmy agrees.

Cut to a doctor's office where Greg and Jimmy are waiting. The doctor comes in and assumes Greg and Jimmy are gay and asks if they know that gay men can't get pregnant. The doctor tells Jimmy that the operation is routine but there will be some pain. The doctor then explains the surgery to Jimmy and tells him he will be awake for the whole thing. The gross detail the doctor uses to describe the surgery scares both Greg and Jimmy and they run out of the office.

Jimmy comes home and talks to Christine who is sitting on the couch. Jimmy lies and says the doctor told him he has hepeculosis and that means he can't get a vasectomy. Saying that, "it sucks." Christine asks about what Jimmy has again and he stumbles over the explanation. Christine calls Jimmy on his lie and Jimmy explains that he is scared. Christine asks why Jimmy never told her about this and he said he didn't want her to think he is a wimp. Jimmy then asks Christine to go with him for the operation. She says she doesn't trust him to get it if she doesn't.

Cut to waiting room. Jimmy realizes that there might be an earthquake and an accident might happen. He has Christine promise to kill him if his "area" is destroyed because of an accident. She agrees. A nurse comes in and gets Jimmy. Later in the waiting room Christine is helping a little girl with a necklace. Jimmy comes back explaining that prepping means shaving and saying, "I think I like it." Jimmy then begins to talk to Brooke, the little girl. Brooke asks Jimmy if he's getting knee surgery and he says yes to avoid explaining what a vasectomy is. Christine has a little talk with Brooke and gives her some advice on dealing with boys, while Jimmy watches. Then Christine goes to talk to Jimmy, and he tells her he doesn't want to get the vasectomy. He was watching Christine and Brooke and said he wants to have a girl someday. So they both agree that he doesn't need to get a vasectomy. They begin to kiss and Chrisine asks, "Are you thinking about it?" and Jimmy replies, "ever since they shaved me." Cut to commercial.

The show returns with Old Jimmy and Christine Laying in bed. Christine says she is glad that Jimmy didn't get a vasectomy thirty years ago and Jimmy replies, "me too." Then the camera shows the whole room and there are about 30 boys lying on the floor around the bed. Then Jimmy asks, "So you want to try for a girl again," and they go at it. The show ends.