Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 8

The Day of the Dolphin

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 10, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Because Kim's thoughtful birthday presents to him have all been "too much work," Greg decides to start dropping oh-so-subtle hints for her benefit, so she'll get him what he wants this year: a set of golf clubs. When Jimmy spots Kim typing away on her Apple PowerBook, and she tells him she located her old neighbor by using Yahoo! search engine, he asks her to look up Alex Jaffey -- the girl he dated before Christine. And dumped him. Greg suspects he'll get to play golf on his birthday when Kim tells him she's taking him to San Diego for the big event. Since Kim refuses to help, Jimmy emails Alex himself, twists the truth about what he does, and asks that she write him back, in hopes of finding some way to show her up. When Alex writes him back, he finds out that not only is her life terrific and she's happily married with child, but she lives nearby. She readily accepts his insincere offer to come see "his" house, so he invites her over on Greg's big day, when both he and Kim will be in San Diego and Christine will be taking care of the kids. Kim blindfolds Greg to surprise him, making him one disappointed birthday boy when she takes it off, and he finds out he's not at a golf course, but at SeaWorld. She signed him up for the dolphin "Trainer of the Day" program. Jimmy is forced to come clean with Christine about his "classmate" reunion after she cancels her plans to take the kids out on the day Alex is supposed to show up. When she gets miffed about him tracking down his ex, he consoles her by saying that Alex was the only girl who ever dumped him, and he wanted to fix her wagon by letting her see how great his life is without her. Now Christine wants to help him get even, so she coaches Dominic and Logan, and she and Jimmy "Hughes" up the place. Jimmy is crushed after Alex stands him up, but when Christine wants to lie the extra mile courtesy Photoshop, he realizes that he doesn't need Alex's approval. Greg sulks through his birthday gift, steadfastly refuses to even go through with the dolphin-training, and admits to Kim that he thinks her gifts are tiresome. When she reminds him that he used to like trying new things, he changes his tune, and goes through with the training. And he has a great time. Even if he didn't pick the right time to train them.