Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 8

The Day of the Dolphin

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 10, 2003 on CBS



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    • Jimmy: I'm a lucky guy. I can't believe you'd be willing to do all that just to make an old girlfriend feel like crap for me.
      Christine: I was even ready to use the phrase "multiple orgasm."
      Jimmy: You'd do that for me?
      Christine: Actually, I was hoping that after everything I did for you today that... you would do that for me.

    • Kim: You just want to see if she's miserable. I'm not helping you do that.
      Jimmy: Yes, you will.
      Kim: No, I won't.
      Jimmy: Yes, you will.
      Kim: No, I won't.
      Jimmy: No, you won't.
      Kim: Jimmy, I'm not Elmer Fudd.

    • Jimmy: What about taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese?
      Christine: Shh! Jimmy, don't say those words out loud!
      Jimmy: What words?
      Dominic: Did he say "Chuck E. Cheese?!"
      Christine: No. Um... there was some moldy cheddar in the fridge, and your dad said we had to... chuck the cheese.
      Dominic/Logan: Oh.
      Christine: What is going on?
      Jimmy: Nothing.
      Christine: Jimmy, you know better than to say "Chuck E. Cheese" in front of the kids.
      Logan: You said it! I heard you.

    • Jimmy: No, I wouldn't call her. Sheesh... I tracked her down on the internet.
      Christine: Oh, nice, nice. You have to call Microsoft tech support to plug in the keyboard, but when it comes to ex-girlfriends, you're like the kid from Wargames.

    • Christine: ...and when that Alex Jaffey shows up on this doorstep, she is going to see that she's at the home of a man who is a successful, hardworking, intelligent provider and husband.
      Jimmy: With any luck, she'll never find out that that man is Greg.

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