Yes, Dear

Season 5 Episode 7

The New Neighbors

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 06, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Another jump cut can be seen in the scene where Greg, Kim, Christine, Jimmy, Margaret and Joel are at the Warner house. After Margaret and Joel leave, Jimmy's hands are in his pockets in one shot. In the next, they're out of them.

    • In Greg's fantasy sequence with Margaret and Joel, there is a jump cut in regards to Shelley Long's arm position in the shot after she says the line, "I used to work in a bar." This isn't a part of the joke with the blatant jump cuts as things are added to the backyard, either.

  • Quotes

    • Christine: I can't believe our opinion doesn't even matter.
      Greg: Your opinion matters, just not to us.

    • Margaret: Ooh, these brownies look delicious.
      Kim: Oh, thanks. They're my special recipe. The ones on the left are "daytime brownies." The ones on the right are "nighttime brownies."
      Margaret: Uh... you didn't add any marijuana to the "nighttime brownies," did you?
      Kim: No, no, no, no, no. The weed is in the "daytime brownies." I don't know what Greg put in the "nighttime brownies," but let's just say he's been talking to a plant since midnight.

    • Christine: I can't believe this. We were so close.
      Jimmy: I was almost the first Hughes to buy a house without wheels.

    • Jimmy: Hey, what are ya doing?
      Christine: I'm trying to figure out how long it'll be before we have enough money to move out of here.
      Jimmy: Oh. Hope that mortgage calculator has an infinity key.

    • Greg: Hey, and you know another great thing about this neighborhood is the backyards are so big. We actually had room for a guesthouse.
      Joel: Guesthouse—now there's an idea.
      Greg: Yeah, a bad one.

    • Joel: Oh, we like it. And it seems like a very nice, quiet neighborhood.
      Margaret: Plus, it's convenient. I'd have an easy commute to the music center.
      Kim: Oh, you work at the music center? We have tickets to the Philharmonic this weekend.
      Margaret: You'll see me there. I'm first violin.
      Greg: Huh, really? Around my house, I'm second fiddle. Oh, no! Ha ha!

    • Christine: So, uh, you guys like the house?
      Margaret: Oh, it's a good-sized lot. I think it could make for a decent little pied-à-terre.
      Joel: She's joking, of course. Her sense of humor is more Benchley than Thurber.
      Christine: Oh. Okay, well, it was nice talking to you guys.
      Margaret: Okay.
      Christine: They're out.
      Jimmy: No kidding. If I wanted to hear people use words I don't understand, I'd watch Frasier.

    • Christine: Look at this backyard. I guess Walt didn't exactly have a green thumb.
      Jimmy: You know, it's ironic, 'cause he did have a green thumb. Really, I think it was, like, infected or something.

    • Woman: Oh, well, are the schools good in this area?
      Kim: Um, well, actually, uh...
      Christine: They're terrible.
      Greg: Yeah, you'd be shocked how stupid our kids are.
      Man: Why are you asking about schools? We don't have kids.
      Woman: Well, we might have kids if you'd just swallow your pride and take that pill the doctor prescribed.
      Man: Not here, Joanna. Not here.

    • Man: Can we get a flyer?
      Woman: Please. Can we get a flyer, please?
      Man: Don't talk to me like I'm four years old.
      Woman: Then don't act like you're four years old.
      Man: Not here, Joanna. Not here.
      Kim: Can you imagine living next to those two arguing all the time?
      Christine: I know. It really makes you appreciate how fortunate we were that our parents lived together in cold silence.

    • Kim: Is Walt here?
      Donna: No, he's gone.
      Christine: "Gone," as in dead? Because that would explain the smell.

    • Christine: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Did you guys clean up your toys in there?
      Dominic: No.
      Christine: Well, go back in there and pick 'em up. You want your mom to trip on a Power Ranger again and break her other ankle?
      Logan: No, we're sorry.
      Kim: Christine, you broke your ankle trying on slutty shoes at the mall.
      Christine: Shh! Knowing their mom's a clumsy tramp isn't going to keep their room clean for the next six to eight weeks.

    • Greg: What are you talking about? Joel and Margaret are perfect.
      Jimmy: We didn't really seem to hit it off with them. Besides, we met this other couple that's great, okay? He's an adult film producer, and... you know, I don't know what she does, but I swear I've seen her somewhere before.

  • Notes

    • Alan Kirschenbaum had two shows on CBS during 2004-2005, and both featured this episode title that season. The other was Center of the Universe -- which Yes, Dear replaced.

    • Music: "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce Knowles (featuring Jay-Z)

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy: Afford a house? Where? On Mediterranean or Baltic Avenue? Seriously, you know what? I could win 2nd prize in a beauty contest, we could put up little red hotels.
      All references to the Monopoly board game. Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue are the cheap properties, winning 2nd prize in a beauty contest is one of the Chance cards, and players can buy little red hotels to make the other contestants who land on their property have to pay more.

    • Margaret: Thank you. I used to work in a bar.
      Shelley Long's Cheers character, Diane Chambers, did indeed used to work in a bar. For its first five seasons (1982-1987).

    • Jimmy: There were so many fast-food wrappers on the ground, it looks like they were renting a room to the Hamburglar.
      The Hamburglar is a disguise-wearing, burger-stealing mascot for McDonald's.