Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 18

The Owner's Suite

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 01, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

To reward Greg for one of his bright ideas that saved the studio money, Mr. Savitsky decides to groom him to take over the reins in the unlikely event of his death. So he gives him four owner's suite tickets to a Lakers game, because that's the best place for Greg to schmooze important people. When he gets home, Greg tells his family about his tickets and his plans to fly in his parents to attend the game with him -- which Kim doesn't think is a good idea, due to the costs involved. Although Jimmy tries to get on Greg's good graces for that fourth ticket, Greg gives it to Kim. Tom and Natalie arrive, grumbling about their trip, and don't seem to care one bit when Greg surprises them with the tickets. Desperate to have his parents see his accomplishments in life, Greg tries to get them excited about the game. So does Jimmy, whose knowledge of basketball so impresses Natalie that she offers him her ticket. When Jimmy declines the offer, telling her that she should spend time with her son because he'd love to go to the game with his dad, Natalie offers Jimmy Kim's ticket, too. Greg reminds Jimmy that Big Jimmy doesn't have the money for a last-minute plane ticket, so Natalie furthers the blow by offering hers and Tom's frequent-flyer miles -- miles which she already promised Greg. After Big Jimmy flies in and meets Greg's parents, Jimmy gives him his surprise, and Big Jimmy's gratitude and excitement eats away at Greg. Greg, Tom, Jimmy and Big Jimmy show up at the Staples Center -- where Greg fears that Big Jimmy will embarrass him -- and Savitsky introduces them to Jeanie Buss, Vice President of Business Operations for The Lakers. Former Governor of California Gray Davis is also attending the game, and Jimmy and Big Jimmy are excited to meet him, but Greg can't even get Tom out of his seat to say one word to the guy. Tom is so disinterested that he doesn't even bother to watch the game, and Greg finally chews him out for not being more like Jimmy's father, and more importantly, not being proud of him. Tom swears that he is proud of him, but he just feels uncomfortable and out of place. To try to appease Greg, Tom goes up to Gray and introduces himself. But when they put their drinks down next to each other's and aren't sure whose is whose and Gray tells Tom that he'll just get a new drink since they're free, Tom gets insulted by Gray's implication and takes a potshot at his former governing abilities... or lack thereof. Tensions escalate between the two, Tom throws one of the drinks on Gray, and the two run out onto the court to continue their fight -- which is broadcast on national television.
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