Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 18

The Owner's Suite

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 01, 2004 on CBS



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    • Greg: Wait a minute, Jimmy. The game is tomorrow night. It's gonna cost your father thousands for the plane ticket. He can't afford that.
      Jimmy: Oh, you're right. My dad could never get the cash together that quick. You know, like he always says, "Insurance fraud is good money, but not quick money."
      Natalie: Well, he can use our frequent-flyer miles!
      Greg: Mom, you said we could use those miles to come visit you this spring.
      Natalie: Oh, Greg, you've got money. Please. Every time we come here, you've got brand-new oven mitts.

    • Kim: Well, they're not the most outwardly emotional people to begin with. And now they're totally jet-lagged. Did you expect them to jump and down and give you a big bear hug?
      Greg: I don't know. Something.
      Christine: Well, maybe they don't like basketball.
      Greg: I mean, we're gonna watch the game from the owner's suite. There's gonna be some very big people there.
      Christine: Well, maybe they don't like important people.
      Greg: It's not about that, Christine. It's about me, and them seeing all that I've achieved.
      Christine: Oh... Maybe they don't like you.

    • Kim: Do you really think it's worth flying your parents all the way across the country for a basketball game? I mean, last-minute plane tickets cost a fortune.
      Greg: We've got the money. We can afford it.
      Kim: Oh, this we can afford, but you jump down my throat for buying new oven mitts.
      Greg: Yeah, it's because you buy new oven mitts every couple of months.
      Kim: They get brown spots on 'em.
      Greg: Well, so does my grandmother, but we don't throw her away.

    • Jimmy: Aw, man, I hope someday I can surprise my parents with something like that. You know, something that says that I've arrived.
      Greg: Yeah, well, Jimmy, before you arrive, you... kinda have to leave.

    • Kim: Hey, how was your day?
      Greg: Excellent. Savitsky said he wants to begin grooming me.
      Christine: Oh, well, that seems about right. I mean, the way he rides you all day, it seems only fair that he'd give you a little hosing and a brush-down.

    • Greg: Big Jimmy, that's -- that's my mom.
      Big Jimmy: Get out of here! You're much too young and pretty to be Greg's mama. It just doesn't seem right.
      Tom: I'm Tom, Greg's dad.
      Big Jimmy: That seems right.

    • Big Jimmy: Nice meeting you. Don't I know you from someplace?
      Jeanie Buss: Well, um, my father, Dr. Jerry Buss, owns the team, so maybe you've seen our picture somewhere.
      Big Jimmy: No.
      Jimmy: Uh, Dad, well, she goes out with Phil Jackson, the coach of the Lakers. You've probably seen them on TV.
      Big Jimmy: No.
      Jeanie Buss: Well... a couple years ago, I posed in Playboy.
      Big Jimmy: No, I don't read those kind of magazines. You ever work in a Dairy Queen in Lynchburg, Virginia?
      Jeanie Buss: No. You know me from Playboy, don't you?
      Big Jimmy: Head to toe!

    • Christine: Natalie... is that Tom running around crazy on the court?
      Natalie: Mm-hmm.
      Kim: You didn't even look.
      Natalie: I don't have to.

    • Vicki Lawrence: So, how do you think he did?
      Tim Conway: Oh, the audience really loved him.
      Vicki Lawrence: Yeah, they did.
      Tim Conway: Yeah, you know something? For an amateur, he was really very, very good.
      Vicki Lawrence: Amateur? He's been in front of the cameras for a long time. He is very comfortable.
      Tim Conway: Well, you really can't say what he does is acting. You know?
      Vicki Lawrence: No, I guess not.
      Tim Conway: Yeah. Shh! Here he comes!
      Jerry Van Dyke: Hi, guys.
      Vicki Lawrence: Jerry.
      Tim Conway: (simultaneous) Jerry. How you doing?
      Jerry Van Dyke: Good job tonight.
      Tim Conway: Right.

    • Jimmy: Hey, Gray, I want you to know that I voted for the recall.
      Gray Davis: Well, that means you voted against me.
      Jimmy: No. No, no, no, no, no. If you voted for the recall, that means that you voted--
      (Gray Davis shakes head)
      Jimmy: Aw, man. I'm sorry. You didn't lose by one, did you?
      Gray Davis: No. It was more than one.
      Mr. Savitsky: Well, the ballot was confusing. There were so many names on it. I ended up voting for Webster or somebody—sorry. You didn't lose by two, did you?
      Gray Davis: No. It was more than two... More than two.

    • Big Jimmy: I've never shaken hands with the governor!
      Gray Davis: Well, actually, I'm not the governor anymore.
      Big Jimmy: That's what I said. I've never shaken hands with the governor.

  • Notes

    • When this episode was originally broadcast, it included a scene in which Natalie used the word "Chinaman" (in reference to The Houston Rockets player Yao Ming). Several Asian rights groups complained loudly.

    • On a lark, Alan Kirschenbaum and Greg Garcia called up Gray Davis and asked if he'd be interested in doing the show. The rest is history.

    • The announcer voiceover is uncredited.

    • The original broadcast was a part of "Big Surprise Monday."

    • A clip from this episode was featured on the March 4, 2004 installment of Living it Up! with Ali and Jack, with guest Mike O'Malley.

    • The fellow amigo in this week's Amigos de Garcia Productions logo is former guest star Trace Adkins.

    • Although he is listed as a star, Joel Homan does not appear in the final cut.

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