Yes, Dear

Season 4 Episode 19

The Premiere

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 22, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

Greg grumbles when Mr. Savitsky asks him to go to the premiere of Kevin Smith's new film, The Red Nose of Courage, on behalf of the studio. Since Savitsky has made him go to numerous premieres -- and every time Greg has felt out of place -- Greg wants out of this premiere so bad that he decides to skip it, preferring instead to go with Kim to a pool party of a friend of hers that he hates. And since Savitsky is out of town, he won't be going himself, so nobody will be the wiser. Jimmy and Christine, meanwhile, are so hungry to live the high life that Greg has taken for granted that they decide to steal Greg's and Kim's studio IDs and pretend to be them at the event. After getting pampered with free food, drink and a goody bag, Jimmy and Christine settle in to watch the movie, which is set in a WWII POW camp and is about a circus clown turned army sergeant. But it's so terrible that Jimmy can't even watch the thing, and bails on it before it's over. After the film has ended, Kevin Smith is washing his hands in the men's room when Greg's co-worker, Jenkins, walks in, and tells the director that the audience loved it (which they didn't), and that people are talking Oscars (which they aren't). It's not until Jenkins exits and Jimmy -- who is oblivious to what Kevin Smith looks like -- enters the bathroom does Kevin find out just how much one person completely hated it. After Jimmy pans the film right to Kevin's face, Kevin looks at the name on "Jimmy's" ID. The day that Greg and Jimmy return to work, they're both in Greg's office when Savitsky comes in, asking Greg what he thought of the film and if he talked to Kevin. When Greg lies, Savitsky yells at him, because thanks to "him," Kevin told Savitsky that he never wants to work with the studio again. After threatening to fire Greg, who is understandably confused, Savitsky leaves, and Jimmy admits to Greg what he and Christine did. Greg chastises Jimmy the same way that Savitsky chastised him, but even though Jimmy tells him he plans to take full responsibility for what happened, that doesn't include going to Savitsky and confessing the truth. So Greg has to "persuade" Jimmy to do so by reminding him that he can't exactly continue to mooch off of him if he doesn't have a job. When the pair go into Savitsky's office, an angry Savitsky tells Greg that he just got off the phone with Kevin, who's willing to let bygones be bygones if Greg will apologize to him face-to-face. Greg expects Savitsky to fall at his feet after Jimmy clears the air, but now Savitsky has it in for both of them, since Greg didn't follow his orders and lied to his face. Savitsky comes up with a suitable punishment for both. Tomorrow, when Kevin stops by, Jimmy is going to continue pretending to be Greg, so Mr. Smith can get his in-person apology. And since they'll be down a security guard, Greg gets to fill in for Jimmy at the gate. Greg feels degraded when he's forced to put on Jimmy's uniform and go to work an hour and a half earlier, while Jimmy's slap-on-the-wrist sees him wearing casual duds, since his lack of a suit leads Savitsky to dub the day "Casual Thursday." Greg learns the ropes from Billy and Roy, and after he gets chewed out a third time by Savitsky for trying to hide his face in shame, Greg does his own damage control when Kevin drives up. He charms the pants off the director by professing his love for, and knowledge of, all his films, and then mentions that Greg Warner is a good guy... who suffers from Lyme Disease. Kevin gets his apology from Jimmy, and Jimmy tells him that he honestly loved the movie. But Kevin surprises him and Savitsky by saying that he was right; The Red Nose of Courage stinks. After Kevin evens the score by blasting Savitsky for failing to show up, he praises Jimmy -- er, Greg -- for having the cajones to tell it like it is. He also demands 10 million dollars for a month of reshoots. And since Kevin was so impressed by Greg's -- er, Jimmy's -- fandom, he asks Savitsky to have him work security the whole time he'll be reshooting.