Yes, Dear

Season 5 Episode 8

Tree Hugger

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 13, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Jimmy starts the chainsaw, you hear a gas-powered saw, but it's clearly an electric chainsaw.

    • If you watched the previous episode, they showed the yard as dead and decaying. Jimmy could have fixed the grass just as easy, but in the episode before there was no lemon tree to speak of.

    • They conveniently switched the established side of the bed that Greg sleeps on for this episode's plot.

    • The master bathroom used to be where the balcony is located in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: Well, I guess you won. Hope you're happy.
      Jimmy: Greg, sometimes an argument gets so crazy and out-of-hand that the reason you started fighting ends up seeming so petty. You know, even though you won, you don't end up feeling good about it... This is not one of those times. (laughs) Boys, grab your rods, and we're pitching some shoes!

    • Kim: You are so lucky you weren't seriously hurt.
      Greg: I know, it kind of puts it all in perspective. It's crazy—I'm out there risking life and limb to... save the life of some limbs.
      Kim: You were working on that before the fall, weren't you?
      Greg: I had a little time on my hands today, yeah.

    • Christine: Look, Savitsky's looking for you. You've got that meeting with Mel Gibson at 2:00.
      Greg: Oh, man, I can't reschedule that. He always calls up and curses at you. And when Mel says, "Go to hell," you think you just might.
      Jimmy: Well, well, well, I tell you what. Why don't you go run off to your meeting, and I'm gonna go find my chainsaw, and, uh, you tell Mel that if he's interested in making another bible movie, I'm gonna have some good wood for a cross.

    • Christine: You guys are still out here? Greg, why haven't you answered your cellphone?
      Greg: I dropped my phone, and Jimmy won't give it back.
      Jimmy: Oh, yeah, by the way, my, uh, cousin stationed in Tokyo says, "Konichiwa."

    • Jimmy: Alright, listen, time-out. Okay, I know we're fighting, okay, but it's hot, and I know you got your blood-sugar issues, so, listen, I don't want you to get dizzy and fall, so, seriously, if you--if you start to feel woozy, just let me know, and I'll get you something to eat. Okay?
      Greg: I, uh... maybe I could go for a little something.
      Jimmy: Yeah? Why don't you suck a lemon, jackass!

    • Greg: I mean, when I'm in the middle of an argument, you're supposed to back me up.
      Kim: Why? I thought you were wrong.
      Greg: Well, it doesn't matter if I'm wrong. United we stand, Kim. It's one of the main rules of marriage.
      Kim: Since when?
      Greg: Since God made Adam... eat Eve's rib. Or whatever it is.

    • Jimmy: Greg, listen, okay? Me keeping that tree means that I'm not gonna get the yard that I always dreamed of. And you got to give me credit, man. I'm making a painful sacrifice for you!
      Greg: Oh, you want to talk about a painful sacrifice? Try coming down those stairs every morning for four years and finding you in your tighty whiteys. And let me tell you something -- by the last year, they weren't so tighty... and they weren't so whitey.

    • Greg: Look, you did a great job the first time. It's just the pink color kind of bugs my mom. She says it reminds her of being in a giant womb.
      Kim: You know, I often describe your mom as sort of a "giant womb."
      Greg: That's nice.
      Kim: Not the way I say it.

    • Greg: Hey, uh, Jimmy, speaking of helping us out, any idea of when you're gonna finish painting the guest room like you promised?
      Jimmy: Dude, I forgot about that.
      Greg: Yeah, it's kind of been a while now, and I was hoping you'd get to it before my mom visits this month.
      Kim: She's visiting again already?
      Greg: Yes. She wants to see the kids. She's getting older. She's not going to be around forever.
      Kim: You keep promising that.

    • Jimmy: It's just frustrating. It's like, I finally got a yard to call my own. It's like, what, so if I want to trim the hedge, I got to ask Greg? You know, if I want to build a clubhouse for the boys, do I need his permission? If I want to swing naked on a tire swing, is Greg going to have a problem with that?
      Christine: Jimmy, everyone's going to have a problem with that. Especially the tire.

    • Jimmy: This isn't gonna work. I can't put a regulation horseshoe court right here. There's no room for my backswing.
      Christine: You'll be fine.
      Jimmy: Christine, I'm a high-arc pitcher. See, I'm nothing without my backswing.
      Christine: So just make the court shorter.
      Jimmy: Shorter? Oh, yeah, why don't we make everything shorter? Why don't we make the, uh, Indianapolis 500 the Indianapolis 12?
      Christine: Well, good, maybe I'd watch it.

    • Jimmy: All right, kids, uh, food's ready. Come and get it. There we go. All right, here's one for you.
      Dominic: Thank you.
      Jimmy: And here's one for you.
      Logan: Mine's too pink. Make it a little more well-done.
      Kim: He's awfully choosy for a kid who ate his own goldfish.

    • Jimmy: Hmm, hey, I tell you what, wait until I get done with the yard. You know, I'm gonna put in a hammock, make a clubhouse for the boys, and even put in a regulation horseshoe pit. Some of my best memories growing up is playing horseshoes with my dad.
      Kim: Aw, that's sweet.
      Jimmy: Yeah, it was one of the few times we'd throw heavy objects at each other and actually get points for it.

    • Kim: Hey, great job on the stuffed mushrooms, Christine. Did you steal my recipe?
      Christine: No, I stole your mushrooms.
      Greg: Well, you sure did pick a great wine. This is one of my favorites, and not easy to find. In fact, I'm down to my last—this is ours, too, isn't it?
      Christine: Yeah, right, it's yours. Look, can you guys at least pretend to be surprised when your key lime pie comes out?

    • Greg: Wow, it smells good. Kind of woodsy.
      Jimmy: Yeah, you know what? I find throwing a little piece of wood in there with the coals, you know, gives the food a little extra flavor.
      Greg: What is it, mesquite?
      Jimmy: Lincoln Log.

    • Kim: How's the house coming along?
      Christine: Good. Good. Actually, um, it's in good enough shape that we wanted to invite you guys over for a barbecue tomorrow.
      Kim: Oh, that is so sweet. I didn't know you guys got a barbecue.
      Christine: We didn't, but your barbecue has wheels and our fence has a gate.

    • Kim: That old lady clearly stole my parking spot, and you totally took her side.
      Greg: Kim, I just thought you were trying to squeeze into a space that didn't belong to you.
      Kim: Nice, Greg, thanks. I'll remember that tonight when you try to squeeze into a space that doesn't belong to you.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy: Well, well, well, I tell you what. Why don't you go run off to your meeting, and I'm gonna go find my chainsaw, and, uh, you tell Mel that if he's interested in making another bible movie, I'm gonna have some good wood for a cross.
      The "bible movie" is The Passion of the Christ -- which grossed $370 million domestically.

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