Yes, Dear

Season 3 Episode 24

When Jimmy Met Greggy

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM May 19, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Greg tells Jimmy he never does anything for him, Jimmy shares with him a story back in ye olden days -- the 1980s -- when Jimmy, Billy and their friend, Brian, were just a trio of pizza delivery boys with bad hair, and Christine was a lowly waitress at Howard Johnson's. Jimmy flips his lid when Christine lets him know that Kim is coming by with her new boyfriend, as this is going to crush Brian, whom Kim used to be dating before college -- especially since Greg, said new boyfriend, will be staying on Jimmy's couch and mooching off him. When Jimmy meets Greg for the first time, he wonders what on earth Kim sees in him. Tough guy Brian comes over uninvited, and begs Kim to take him back. After she asks him to leave, he plans to beat Greg up, but Jimmy gets him to hold off on his plan of action by saying he'll get rid of the new boyfriend in his own way. So Jimmy takes Greg to a diner, where he learns that Kim is his first, and tries unsuccessfully to scare him off by lying to him about how Kim wants to get married and pop out kids ASAP. Brian stops by -- together with Billy -- eager to dish out his own brand of justice. He tells Greg that Kim's a slut, and Greg demands he take that back... or else. When Brian won't, Greg tries to fight him, but only succeeds in getting his ass kicked. Over and over again. Jimmy drives a bloody and bruised Greg home, and they both make up a story to Kim that some thugs jumped him. Kim then turns to Jimmy for advice on whether she really should let Brian go, but when he hears how important having a family is to her, he advises her to stick with Greg.