Yes, Dear

Season 1 Episode 12

Where There's a Will, There's a Waiver

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 08, 2001 on CBS

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  • Walt was a funny character. It was an excellent episode one of the best. And it wa funny when Kim and Christine went door to door. Like when that teen tried to kiss Kim and Christine.

    It was a very good episode. One of the best on yes, dear. It was very well written, and acted.I would love to see more like this episode. Though it's not my favorite episode, I believe it's a very good episode. I am very dissapointed that the series will end.
  • Very funny episode that many people who have an annoying neighbor can relate to.

    This is a great episode simply because Dan Castellaneta (Walt) was hilarious. He played the part of an annoying neighbor perfectly. When the family first hears the doorbell ring and Greg goes to see who it is, he tells everyone not to get the door because it's Walt, and he always has something to complain about. So they all stay in the kitchen. As they wait, he pops his head up behind the window from their back yard. Once he gets their attention, he pulls them outside and tells them that they have to cut down the tree in their yard because it isn't safe. To prove him wrong, they get a city official to check the tree out to see if it was unsafe. After he figured out that it was safe, the city official found out that Jimmy and his family are living in the guest house, and tells them that they either have to move, or get everyone in the neighborhood to sign a waiver to allow them to stay.

    It was great to see them go into Walt's house and try to gain his trust so he'd sign the waiver. When they enter the house, it has news papers everywhere, and there is a live turtle on the ground that Walt can't seem to figure out how got there. When they finally asked him to sign it, he agreed, but found that he needed his Mother to sign it since she was the owner of the house, and that would be a problem because she is a grumpy and mean woman. It was hilarious hearing him getting pushed around by his Mom. After she didn't agree, they encouraged Walt to stand up to her, and he eventually managed to get it signed.

    At the end of the episode, you see Walt actually in his Mother's room, at what point you discover that his Mom dosn't even live there, and the dialogue between them the whole time was created by him. This whole episode was very well written and one of the funniest. If you get a chance to catch this episode you should certainly sit down and watch it.