Yes, Dear

Season 2 Episode 1

Who's on First

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 24, 2001 on CBS

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  • Watching this episode really made my birthday an excellent start

    Today is my birthday and I woke up early for some reason so I flipped the channel to TBS and they were showing "Yes, Dear" and I decided to watch this episode since there was nothing else good on television. I don't watch "Yes, Dear" that much but I decided to watch this episode and this episode really made my birthday start off excellent and I'll never forget how hard I laughed at this episode. I'm glad I watched this episode because it was an excellent way to start my birthday. What can I say? I just absolutely loved the plot to this episode. There were moments that I just had to laugh at but the scene I laughed the most was that "Once Upon a Potty" video that Greg and Kim showed Logan in order for him to be potty trained. The "Once Upon a Potty" video was hilarious because the video was going through all of the body parts... I literally couldn't stop laughing and I had cover my mouth because everyone else was sleeping and I didn't want to wake them up but I was literally turning red in that part. The scene with Kim and Logan watching Greg use the restroom so Logan can be potty trained was also hilarious especially when Christine walked in the restroom. Jimmy's plot was also entertaining as well but not as funny as the potty training plot. Overall, I don't watch this show that much but waking up pretty early and laughing hard at this episode really made my birthday have an excellent start. 10/10