Yes, Dear

Season 5 Episode 6

Won't Ask, Won't Tell

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 30, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Greg says that Bosses Day is October 16th. In 2005, that falls on a Sunday

    • During the begining, when Jimmy is playing the video game, he puts the phone down, and leans over once to say, "Uh-huh." In Christine's flashback, however, Jimmy leans over three times. Additionally, Christine's dialogue in the two scenes is different.

    • Greg says to Jimmy, "Look, uh, I'll keep her tied up in here while you go look on her desk for her to-do list." In Christine's flashback, she overhears on the intercom, "I'll keep in here while you go look on her desk for her to-do list."

  • Quotes

    • Jimmy: [Christine]'s actually smarter when she's drunk. It's how nature built her to survive. It's like how owls can see at night or Donovan McNabb can throw better on the run.

    • Jimmy: What street are we on?
      Greg: Cow.
      Jimmy: I don't see Cow Street.
      Greg:> No, cow! Cow!
      SFX: (Breaks screeching)
      Cow: Moooo.
      Greg: Well, that would've been just perfect. A whole lifetime of struggling with lactose intolerance to be killed by a cow.

    • Christine: Did you check on the kids?
      Kim: Yep. The second movie was ending, so I put in a third. For the next two hours, they're in the warm, capable paws of Air Bud.
      Christine: Hey, remember when you first had kids and you said you'd never let 'em watch TV?
      Kim: I used to shave my legs more than once a month, too. Here's to giving up.

    • Greg: You want me to talk to Kim? I'm sure whatever she wants you to do, Kim's gonna know about it.
      Jimmy: Really? You'd do that for me?
      Greg: Aw, come on. It's not that big a deal. It's not like I'm agreeing to help you move. Although I would. I'm always available you help you move.

    • Greg: Well, you could hint around some more.
      Jimmy: No, she'll know what I'm up to.
      Greg: Why don't you try getting her drunk?
      Jimmy: Please, that won't work. She's actually smarter when she's drunk. It's how nature built her to survive. It's like how owls can see at night or Donovan McNabb can throw better on the run.

    • Christine: Oh, and you're still going to do that other thing we talked about this morning, right?
      Jimmy: (confused) Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna... get that done.
      Kim: This is the greatest thing ever! Hey, do you think you could get him to vacuum out my minivan?
      Christine: Hey, Gepetto, get your own puppet.

    • Christine: Lucky for me, Greg doesn't know how to use the intercom system.
      Kim: Yeah, he's not a real whiz when it comes to technology. I gave him a camera phone for his birthday. Every time he tries to check his messages, he emails me a picture of his nose.

    • Christine: Today has been a total nightmare. I mean, first the copier broke, right, you have no idea what a hassle that is.
      Jimmy: Uh-huh.
      Christine: Plus, my computer got this virus, so I'm going to lose half my day downloading patches to try and fix it.
      Jimmy: Uh-huh.
      Christine: And even though my computer's down, Greg still needs me to organize all the budget reports for the month. Anyway, I'm gonna be working late tonight. What do you think we should do about dinner?
      Jimmy: Uh-huh.
      Christine: Jimmy? You're not listening to me, are you?
      Jimmy: Uh-huh.
      Christine: Jimmy, have you been having sex dreams about you and James Earl Jones?
      Jimmy: Uh-huh.

    • Jimmy: Hey, how did you keep Christine in here while, uh, I was out at her desk?
      Greg: I told her I wanted to do Feng Shui in my office.
      Jimmy: Oh, yeah, I mean, who wouldn't? Unfortunately, I think she's still married to Woody Allen.

    • Greg: I need you to help me Feng Shui my office.
      Christine: "Feng Shui your office?"
      Greg: Yeah, I've been reading a lot about it. How the way furniture is arranged in a room can pump up your productivity and even affect your mood.
      Christine: Uh... yeah, uh, I don't know, Greg. That sounds kind of stupid.
      Greg: Yeah, but is that you talking, or is that the negative energy in the air because that chair is facing west?

    • Jimmy: Christine, come on, order me around.
      Christine: Jimmy, I am at work.
      Jimmy: Well, so what? We've done it at every job you've ever had. Okay, and you worked as a school crossing guard.
      Christine: Come on, leave me alone. I've got a lot of work to do.
      Jimmy: Fine, I'll go say "Hi" to Greg. I'm sorry to say you've changed, Christine. I don't know what happened to my wild woman with an orange vest and holding a little stop sign, but if you see her, tell her a jaywalker needs a spanking.

    • Jimmy: Uh, Kim, you might want to-you might want to pull up your pants a little. I can see your underwear.
      Kim: Oh, yeah, I know. I have to take my car in to the dealership today, and I was hoping to distract the mechanic from the fact that the warranty ran out three weeks ago. Hey, tell me something. How much can you see when I "accidentally" drop my keys?
      Jimmy: Uh... uh... yeah... Yeah, I think you're gonna be alright. Does your husband know you do this kind of thing to get a discount?
      Kim: You kidding? That tightwad? Who do you think drew the butterfly tattoo on the crack of my ass?

    • Kim: Any big plans for your day off today?
      Jimmy: Uh, yeah. If I can finish this next level of Crash Bandicoot, I'm gonna spend the afternoon fighting the Germans.
      Kim: What did you get? A World War II game?
      Jimmy: No, the Von Getzes next door—their damn dog keeps barking all night.

  • Notes

    • A clip from this episode was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 21, 2005, with guest Mike O'Malley.

  • Allusions

    • Christine: Hey, Gepetto, get your own puppet.
      Elderly puppetmaker Gepetto's own puppet was Pinocchio, in the 1883 Carlo Collodi book, The Adventures of Pinocchio, and 1940 Walt Disney film, Pinocchio.

    • Jimmy: Oh, yeah, I mean, who wouldn't? Unfortunately, I--I think she's still married to Woody Allen.
      Soon-Yi Previn is Woody Allen's Asian wife that Jimmy mistakenly thinks is called Feng Shui.

    • Jimmy: No, E! True Hollywood Story: The Barbi Twins
      "The Barbi Twins" is a real episode of E! network's documentary exposé, True Hollywood Story. The Barbi Twins (Sia and Shane) are a set of blonde, big-chested, identical twin calendar girls who posed for "Playboy," among other things.