Yes Minister

Season 1 Episode 7

Jobs for the Boys

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 1980 on BBC Two

Episode Recap

Humphrey is concerned that the Minister will embarrass the department (and incidently himself) on a radio program; that the Minister will praise the nearly-bankrupt Solihull Project as a success. Humphrey has been keeping a report that criticizes the project from the Minister, and not letting him in on its problems. Unfortunately, Humphrey's evasions convince Hacker to be even more positive about it on the radio.

While Hacker goes to the BBC for the program, Humphrey goes to banker Desmond Glazebrook to ask him to bail out the project. Glazebrook in turn presses Humphrey to name him to a lucrative 'Quango' (QUasi-Autonomous Non-Government Organization) appointment as a payoff for the bank's money.

Hacker goes on the radio to sing the praises of Solihull, and is bewildered to be blackmailed afterward by Joe Morgan, the union leader, over problems at Solihull. Hacker's driver makes him even more nervous, and Hacker decides to pin Humphrey down on what he hasn't been told about Solihull. This proves as difficult as usual, but when Hacker tells Humphrey he will refuse to give a Quango appointment to Glazebrook, Humphrey finally lets him in on the details of the mess at Solihull. Horrified to learn that his high praise of Solihull may become a millstone for his own career, Hacker is suddenly very happy to hand lucrative Quango appointments to Glazebrook, Morgan, and his advisor Weisel to get Solihull back on track and hush it all up.