Yes Minister

Season 1 Episode 7

Jobs for the Boys

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 1980 on BBC Two



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    • Sir Humphrey: Ministers should never know more than they need to know. Then they can't tell anyone. Like secret agents, they could be captured and tortured.

      Bernard: You mean by terrorists?
      Sir Humphrey: By the BBC, Bernard.

    • (Glazebrook has just been offered a Quango position)
      Glazebrook: Are there lots of papers?
      Humphrey: Yes, but it wouldn't be awfully necessary to read them...
      Glazebrook: But then I wouldn't have anything to say at the monthly meetings!
      Humphrey: Splendid! I can see you're just the chap I'm looking for.

    • Hacker: You're blithering, Bernard.
      Bernard: Yes, Minister.
      Hacker: Why are you blithering, Bernard?
      Bernard: It's my job, Minister.

    • Sir Humphrey Appleby: It takes two to quango, Minister.

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