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BBC Two (ended 1984)





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  • About how govt work. Many times so real that it make you worry about how your govt is really ran.

    Should be watched by every high school & college stundent as part of their govt class no matter where they live. It tell how govt really work, who has the real power and how tells get done, or don't get done in govt. It will make better voters out of anyone who watch. It will also keep you from placing too much blame or giving too much credit to a PM or Preident.This is one of the more real show on TV. It is also a fun show that is easly to watch and can be enjoied by anyone across the world.
  • One of a kind.

    The Rt. Hon. James Hacker MP and his constant struggle against the Civil Service. Yes Minister and later Yes Prime Minister are both fabulous shows. Sir Humphrey Appleby's mind-boggling, extremely long, complicated sentences make you think, what fantastic scripts they were - and how on earth the actors' and especially Sir Nigel Hawthorne, remembered what to say. And then there's Bernard with divided loyalties between Sir Humphrey & Jim Hacker. You like Jim because he tries to do what he thinks is best, but Sir Humphrey is almost always there to foil his plans and proposals. That's why in my opinion the best episodes are when Jim does beat the Civil Service and gets his way. This was a fantastic show, that deserves every bit of praise it gets.
  • Well, actually Absolutely Fabulous was a different British comedy...but it describes this and Yes, Prime Minister too...

    Rediscovered this gem just the other day on Vision TV in Canada.

    As a bit of a political junkie AND a member of Her Majesty's empire, I appreciate the humour (yes, that's how you spell it!) in this series.

    I actually discovered the books of this series first and then the show. Great wit. Sly and dry 'British' humour and much to laugh at if you are a paper pusher in a government.

  • A Witty British political satire

    "Yes Minister" is a witty and funny portrayal of the battle of the Government and the Civil Service. The characters were highly developed and hilariously funny. The late Paul Eddington was very funny as James Hacker, a bumbling minister who is constantly at odds with his civil servant, Sir Humphrey Appleby, played masterfully by Nigel Hawthorne. Derek Fowlds was the junior civil servant, caught in the middle. This show provided perhaps an insightful and funny look behind the scenes of the British government. Each episode showed the publicity-hungry Minister trying to reform government in one way or the other, but is constantly blocked by Sir Humphrey. The storylines could ring true for the US government too. Bureaucracy is the same in any government. Yes, Minister" was very witty British political satire. Created and written by Antony Jay, this British comedy always cut it’s own political red tape, and entertained everyone.