Yes Minister

Season 2 Episode 3

The Death List

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 1981 on BBC Two



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    • (The Minister has just announced that he will ban phine tapping and secret surveillance. What he doesn't know is that Humphrey has just got information that he is on an assasination list.)
      Humphrey: Minister, are you sure you've considered all the implications...?
      Hacker: Oh yes. Free citizens have a right to privacy.
      Humphrey: But what if we had information that these free citizens were - to take a purely hypothetical example, planning to assasinate a minister of the crown?
      Hacker: The freedom of the British people, Humphrey, is worth more than the lives of a few ministers. Freedom is indivisible. Ministers are expendable! A man in public life must expect to be the target of cranks, and fanatics. It is a minister's duty to set his life at nought! And not cower in craven terror. Behind electronic equipment! Secret microphones! And all, the hideous apparatus - of a police state.
      Humphrey clears his throat to bring Hacker back to earth
      Hacker: Anyway Humphrey, I don't want to hear any more about it.
      Humphrey: Very well but you must allow me to say just one more thing on this matter.
      Hacker: Very well Humphrey, but be brief.
      Humphrey: The Special Branch have found your name on a death list.
      Hacker: that has absolutely no bearing on the situation... *Slams table in sudden alarm* WHAT???

    • Bernard: (about an inconvenient petition) Shall I file it?
      Hacker: Shall you file it? Shred it!
      Bernard: Shred it?
      Hacker: No one must ever be able to find it again!
      Bernard: In that case, Minister, I think it's best I file it.

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