Yes, Prime Minister

Season 2 Episode 3

A Diplomatic Incident

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 1987 on BBC Two



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    • Arab: Sir Humphrey! I have just seen this order of service for tomorrow. it is deeply embarrassing! This hymn -
      Humphrey: On Jordan's Bank, the Baptists Cry? Why?
      Arab: Don't you know the Jordan Bank went bust yesterday???

    • Jim Hacker: Don't we ever get our own way with the French?
      Sir Humphrey: Well, sometimes.
      Jim Hacker: When was the last time?
      Sir Humphrey: Battle of Waterloo, 1815.

    • Jim Hacker: Plenty of room for television cameras, won't there?
      Sir Humphrey: Yes.
      Jim Hacker: Outside Number Ten, along the route, outside the Abbey, inside the Abbey. One pointing directly at my pew.
      Sir Humphrey: wouldn't that mean putting the cameraman in the pulpit?
      Jim Hacker: Will that be all right?
      Sir Humphrey: Well, it won't leave a lot of room for the Arch Bishop.
      Jim Hacker: Well, so where will he preach from?
      Sir Humphrey: I think he'll need to be in the pulpit.
      Jim Hacker: Where will my camera be?
      Sir Humphrey: Well, there is always the High Altar, but I think the Arch Bishop may need that as well.
      Jim Hacker: Who does he think he is?
      Sir Humphrey: Well, he probably thinks it is a religious ceremony. Nobody has told him it is a Party Political.

    • French Ambassador: Prime Minister, I cannot tell you the gravity of the affront my Government would feel if Her Majesty were to refuse a gift in exchange for the one our President accepted from her. I feel it would be interpreted as both a national and a personal affront to the President and his wife.
      Jim Hacker: Excellency, you must ask the President not to bring that bitch with him. .... The puppy! I mean the puppy!

    • (On the phone)
      Bernard Woolley: No, we can't have alphabetical seating in the Abbey; you would have Iraq and Iran next to each other. Plus Israel and Jordan, all sitting in the same pew. We would be in danger of starting World War III.

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