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BBC Two (ended 1988)


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  • A Top Notch BBC comedy

    "Yes Prime Minister" picks up where "Yes Minister" left off. The lead in was a special called "Party Games", where the Prime Minister has retired, and Sir Humphrey and his master has manipulated the selection process to name Jim Hacker as the new PM. Now hacker doesn’t have to worry about pleasing the boss, He just have to worry about the press, and his place in history. He still is a politician with some desire for change and reform, but it backs a back seat to his image. This series is the best political comedy since Yes, Minister. The acting is still top notch, with each episode containing many great and funny situations. The series deals with a whole range of political issues such as foreign affairs, national defense, health, education and the political mistakes all administrations make. The late Paul Eddington does a great job in portraying the new Prime Minister Jim Hacker, Nigel Hawthorne also does a remarkable job in playing Sir Humphrey Appleby. Derek Fowlds is back as Bernard Wolley who is always caught between these two men.
  • What do you get when you mix brilliant, dry and witty humour with a cast of talented actors and stir in some clever directing? You get "Yes Prime Minister!" It is a show that totally manages to get you to laugh out loud!

    The true test of quality TV is whether or not the show can live on after its first run is done. Yes Prime Minister does! With a truly brilliant cast and comic timing genius, the show is not only thought provoking, it is hilarious.

    While never intended to be a true representation of what goes on behind closed doors in the British political arena, one can't help but wonder if in fact it isn't fairly true to life.

    I had always held out hope of a reunion show of some sort, but when Paul Eddington passed away, so did my hopes for that.

    Still, along with Nigel Hawthorne and Derek Fowlds, the show stands the test of time and is just as funny to watch now as it was then.

    Some of the best moments of the entire show are when an explanation is forthcoming for something that the Prime Minister desperately wants to know about, but is delivered in such a convoluted and obscure fashion, (usually by Sir Humprhey Appleby) that by the time the actual answer is given, despite the complete attention on the part of the listener, said information has been delivered by the speaker in such a manner as to render said answer either useless or incomprehensible, or ideally both, to some degree so that the end result is that the question, while answered, is not really understood or resolved. If you got that, you'll really like the show!
  • How govt rally work. So real that it make you worry about how your govt is being run and how little control we.

    Should be watched by every high school & college stundent as part of their govt class no matter where they live. It tell how govt really work, who has the real power and how tells get done, or don't get done in govt. It will make better voters out of anyone who watch. It will also keep you from placing too much blame or giving too much credit to a PM or Preident.This is one of the more real show on TV. It is also a fun show that is easly to watch and can be enjoied by anyone across the world.
  • A truly fantastic sequel

    Not many sequels to shows end up being as good as the original show but Yes, Prime Minister does just that. Also, in a sense, the only difference is Jim Hacker being elevated to PM and Sir Humphrey being made Cabinet Secretary, so the format didn't have to change that dramatically. Even so that's still credit to them as they didn't muck around with original format of show, which made it the great show it was – as many shows try and change the format and fail miserably in the process. Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister's scripts is what makes the two shows so funny, with Sir Humphrey's long complicated sentences and Jim's Churchillian outbursts, the subtle gestures that make you laugh out loud. This show is one of the classics of British comedy and hopefully, will always be remembered as such.
  • A sequel that meets or exceeds the original. So real, perhaps it should be a horror.

    I found Yes, Minister on PBS. I had been involved in student politics at university and later in local, provincial and federal politics. As I watched Yes Minister and then Yes Prime Minister, I instantly recognized the powerdrunk paranoid world of real politics.

    A sitcom, the characters were so true to reality that I knew them, at once. Politicians worried more about what was said in the daily paper than in politics. Officals who built up power and turf over decades. Civil servants who changed the definitions of work and merit.

    The series takes place before the Internet and 24 hour coverage turned politics into a theatre of the absurd. Watching this provides not only laughs but a primer on electoral politics which you can use to this day.
  • Political Sattire at its best

    Yes prime minister and Yes minister are both incredibly good shows. Incredibly intellegent extreemly funny and brilliantly written. Its bitterly cynical attitude pokes fun at and exposes 1980s Britiain political life in a truly informative way with so much relevence still today.

    The trio of Bernard, Humphrey, and Hacker never fail to pull of perfectly timed and toned comedy. Humphrey is of course the guy with all the best lines. "The Key" is a true highlight of this show, typifying everything that makes the show funny, and more important, one of the very few times Hacker actually beats humphrey!

    This show really equipts you with a very cynical tool kit for understanding politics. It also gives you at least one reason why Politicans might diserve a very small bit of sympathy!