Yes, Prime Minister

BBC Two (ended 1988)


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  • What do you get when you mix brilliant, dry and witty humour with a cast of talented actors and stir in some clever directing? You get "Yes Prime Minister!" It is a show that totally manages to get you to laugh out loud!

    The true test of quality TV is whether or not the show can live on after its first run is done. Yes Prime Minister does! With a truly brilliant cast and comic timing genius, the show is not only thought provoking, it is hilarious.

    While never intended to be a true representation of what goes on behind closed doors in the British political arena, one can't help but wonder if in fact it isn't fairly true to life.

    I had always held out hope of a reunion show of some sort, but when Paul Eddington passed away, so did my hopes for that.

    Still, along with Nigel Hawthorne and Derek Fowlds, the show stands the test of time and is just as funny to watch now as it was then.

    Some of the best moments of the entire show are when an explanation is forthcoming for something that the Prime Minister desperately wants to know about, but is delivered in such a convoluted and obscure fashion, (usually by Sir Humprhey Appleby) that by the time the actual answer is given, despite the complete attention on the part of the listener, said information has been delivered by the speaker in such a manner as to render said answer either useless or incomprehensible, or ideally both, to some degree so that the end result is that the question, while answered, is not really understood or resolved. If you got that, you'll really like the show!