Yes, Prime Minister

BBC Two (ended 1988)


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  • A Top Notch BBC comedy

    "Yes Prime Minister" picks up where "Yes Minister" left off. The lead in was a special called "Party Games", where the Prime Minister has retired, and Sir Humphrey and his master has manipulated the selection process to name Jim Hacker as the new PM. Now hacker doesn’t have to worry about pleasing the boss, He just have to worry about the press, and his place in history. He still is a politician with some desire for change and reform, but it backs a back seat to his image. This series is the best political comedy since Yes, Minister. The acting is still top notch, with each episode containing many great and funny situations. The series deals with a whole range of political issues such as foreign affairs, national defense, health, education and the political mistakes all administrations make. The late Paul Eddington does a great job in portraying the new Prime Minister Jim Hacker, Nigel Hawthorne also does a remarkable job in playing Sir Humphrey Appleby. Derek Fowlds is back as Bernard Wolley who is always caught between these two men.