Yes, Prime Minister

BBC Two (ended 1988)


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  • A truly fantastic sequel

    Not many sequels to shows end up being as good as the original show but Yes, Prime Minister does just that. Also, in a sense, the only difference is Jim Hacker being elevated to PM and Sir Humphrey being made Cabinet Secretary, so the format didn't have to change that dramatically. Even so that's still credit to them as they didn't muck around with original format of show, which made it the great show it was – as many shows try and change the format and fail miserably in the process. Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister's scripts is what makes the two shows so funny, with Sir Humphrey's long complicated sentences and Jim's Churchillian outbursts, the subtle gestures that make you laugh out loud. This show is one of the classics of British comedy and hopefully, will always be remembered as such.