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Yin Yang Yo!

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This show is about two rabbit siblings named Yin and Yang that have super hero abilities, such as kung fu and magic, to defeat enemies, such as an evil cockroach, and a sexist moose. With the help of their leader Master Yo, the old, arrogant panda, they plan to use the way of Woo Foo to save the world from evil.

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  • Dwayne Hill

    Dwayne Hill

    Coop, Dave, President Muffins

    Jamie Watson

    Jamie Watson

    Carl, Zarnot

    Johnathan Wilson

    Johnathan Wilson

    Roger the Skelewog, Eradicus, Mr. Pondscum, Beaver

    Novie Edwards

    Novie Edwards


    Tony Daniels

    Tony Daniels

    Ultimoose, Kraggler, Indestructi-Bob

    Scott McCord

    Scott McCord

    Yang, Yuck

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    • Why did this exist?

      Have you ever watched a show when you were a kid, only to look at it now and go, "What the Hell were they smoking?" Yin Yang Yo is the literal equivalent of that.

      None of the characters are likable - if they're not being stuck-up, pretentious brats, they're being extremely sloppy parodies. The stories are incredibly stupid - any jokes they attempt are more anti-humor than anything.

      And, seriously? 8.1 out of 10? Did I see the same cartoon as you guys, because what I saw was unfunny, pretty humiliating and totally pointless.moreless
    • The only reason we'll remember Jetix

      Is there anything this show lacks? It combines so many things that you start to wonder "how'd the do that"? It has heart, romance, and extreme cuteness (who wouldn't like to crush Yin or Yang with a hug), but for the most part, action and comedy. Although the series finale SUCKED (really, creators?), it still was better than most episodes people come up with these days. Not my favorite series (although top ten), but the series I lamented the most for its cancellation. How did this series only got through 2 seasons? Stupid Jetix.

      Favorite scene (from Yinstinct): Yin: Which place would you choose next, Yang?

      Yang: Easy. Booby trap museum. Because it would be easy for you because you don't have any...

      Yin: Hold on oversensitive comment.

      How did censors let this go through? The world may never know.moreless
    • I LOVE IT I DON'T CARE this song means I love it and I don't care what you say about this awesome show

      This show is about two martial artist bunnies that have been raised by a 60's day dreaming panda kids would laugh over this show like Sanjay and Creg their a boy and his snake and ying and yang are brother and and sister shows are halareous now and days in 2013 okay people.
    • The worst show ever!!!

      This show is about two dumb bunnies that saves the world from a evil, ugly cockroach, kind of embarrassing dont you think. This show copy Tiny toons with Yang as Buster and Yin as Babs. All the episodes are a complete waste of my life. I cant beileve this show is in Jetix. Jetix is actually a action channel and Yin Yang Yo has no action at all, its weak. 7.8 is not a low enough score for this show. People have to come back to there sences and get rid of this show and when I say get rid of it I mean for good. Put this show in Nick.jr because it has no action and kids will think dumb bunnies will be perfect as super heros.

      I rest my case!moreless
    • Possibly the funniest and BEST show on Jetix/Disney I've seen! And that's a lot of shows!

      I'm absolutely love this show! It is hilarious and cute! Now I now the animation is a bit odd, but it is also vivid and that's what happens with modern cartoons.

      Also, I'm sure you will agree the characters and the plot lines are hillarious! I mean Yang is a great comic relief character who is actually pretty smart (unlike those stereo-type dumb boy characters that cartoons portray these days), and Carl the cockroach wizard is the classic momma's boy villain. And not to forget the Nightmaster, who is the ultimate villain who also has a comical side. (unlike other ultimate villains like Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown who is far too serious and never comical). Shows need heroes and villains like that!

      So in conclusion, yes the show is a bit over the top with humor, but that's what comedy/action shows are supposed to be like. Tune in and give this great show a chance. But if you are going to fault it's humor and interesting animation, then go ahead, just change the channel, stop complaining about it, and watch some Anime show for all I care! But if you like comical shows like Yin Yang Yo, then keep watching!moreless

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