Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 2

600 Channels of Doom! / An Oldie But a Goodie

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 04, 2006 on Toon Disney



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    • Running Gag(s):
      1) Yin turns something into a ruby, and someone keeps asking if it's real bling-bling.
      2) Kraggler keeps falling asleep in mid-sentence.

  • Quotes

    • Yin: (as Master Yo snores) You think he's dead?
      Yang: Nah, nothing dead makes that kinda racket. He's just old. Ugh!
      Yin: I know. Old people smell funny.
      Yang: And they make creaky noises when they walk.
      Yin: And they drool, a lot!
      Master Yo: And if their ears still work, they can hear every word you're saying!

    • Yang: It's spider TV butt kickin' time! (TV falls) Which part is the butt?

    • Yang: We have to get Kraggler to not be mad at us anymore!
      Yin: He's old. There's only one way to do that!
      Yang: This...is gonna suck...a lot!
      Yin and Yang: (with cutesy eyes) Mistah Kwaggwer, we're sowwy.
      Kraggler: No... those adorable eyes!
      Yin: (Poofs herself and Yang into little kid's clothes) Please, tell us a story!
      Kraggler: Can't...resist...
      Yang: Then please de-age everyone, and then tell us another story!

    • Yang: Quick, Yin! Anti-fury maneuver 107!
      Yin: (making big cutesy eyes) We're sorry, Master Yo. (holds up a sign that says "I love Master Yo")
      Master Yo: Don't you try to cute your way out of this, young lady!
      Yin: (continues to make cutesy eyes)
      Master Yo: Awww...You're irresistable!

    • Carl: (as weatherman) As you can see, today will bring partly cloudy skies, and tonight will bring a 100-percent chance OF DOOM!!!!

    • Yin: No! What Master Yo said before: "When might and magic work as one, a villain's plan can be undone!"
      Yang: Well, I've got the might!
      Yin: And I've got the magic.
      Carl: And I've got 600 more channels of doom...with your name on it. (shows TV guide) See? "Yin and Yang"...right there. That's your doom.

    • Yin: (to Yang) Enough with the "Hee! Hoo! Wah!" And definitely enough with the B-U-U-R-R-R-P!! Your destruction and belching are nothing compared to the Woo Foo magic I'm learning. (demostrating her Energy Lasso technique)

    • Carl: You, television, shall help me defeat Yo, who is probably planning my demise as we speak.
      Yo: (snores and wakes up) PRUNE JUICE! (falls back asleep)

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