Yin Yang Yo!

Season 2 Episode 5

A Bad Case of the Buglies / Control Issues

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Feb 11, 2008 on Toon Disney



  • Trivia

    • Although Yin and Yang destroy the Giant Ice Demon Monster seen in A Bad Case of the Buglies, he still manages to appear whole again in Yin Yang Carl.

    • New Move Debuts, Master Yo: Depulsification is a magic technique which can remove the effects of a repulsification potion, but Master Yo only uses it once Yin learns that how she looks when she's fighting evil is not important.

    • It's learned in this episode that Lena doesn't like tea parties.

    • A running gag in this episode is that Dave keeps getting hit for having no self-control.

    • Although Coop appears at the beginning of Control Issues as one of the characters learning self-control, he soon disappears from the rest of the episode. Response: Ultimoose showed that he only had five hats so he probably just used Coop's hat to use on Yang.

    • At one point, Roger Jr.'s cap looks grayish red and white, yet for the rest of the episode and for everyone else wearing the identical caps, the caps are bright red and bright white.

  • Quotes

    • Yang: Come on, sis. Who cares about how we look?
      Yin: I do, don't you?!
      Yang: Ah, I'm a boy. I won't care about how I look until I'm sixteen!

    • (Carl's Bugly Yinny Song
      Carl: Bugly Yinny! She's so ugly, she'll make you scream like a creepy monster in a scary dream! She's Bugly Yinny!

    • Yang: Yin, these kids are our friends! We can't just whale on them! (Hits Roger Jr.) Except for that kid, I'm kind of on-again off-again on him. We have to exerc...we have to exer...we have to ex...(Yin pats him on the back, Yang coughs)...We have to exercise self-control! Man, that's hard to get out!

    • Yang referring to Roger Jr.: Man, that Skelewog kid hits like a girl! (Sees Smoke) Did I just say that uncool stereotype out loud?!

    • Ultimoose: Get ready for some serene violence!
      Yin: That's an oxymoron.
      Yang and Ultimoose: What'd you just call me?

    • Newscaster: And now, back to our live bugly watch.
      (Carl appears and glances at cameraman)
      Cameraman: Do something, bugly. (Carl zaps him)
      Carl: Great, it's in hi-definition, so you can see the BLEMISH!

    • Yang: So, let me get this straight. You defeated Carl, made him cry, and came up with the hurtful new nickname "bugly"?
      Yin: I guess so. (Yang leaves and returns with a graduation cap, placing it on Yin's head)
      Yang: Oh, congratulations! Today, you have graduated to complete jerkdom! (hugs Yin) I'm so proud!

    • Carl: Pink is so last season. It should never be worn after Labor Day... or the age of SIX!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Yin and Yang drink the Repulsifier Potion offered by Carl, their change into ugly creatures is shown in an alternate Ren and Stimpy drawing style.

    • Yang: Ugly face powers activate!
      This is a parody of the phrase said by the D.C. comic book superhero sidekicks Zan and Jana the Wonder Twins, in various Superfriends cartoons. The original phrase was: "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!"

    • The Powerpuff Girls: The plot for Control Issues is similar to the episode segment of Tough Love in which a villain tries to use mind control in order to force the hero's to fight against their friends. Although in Yin and Yang's case, they only had to destroy the mind-controlling hats in order to free their friends.

    • The Grim Adventure's of Billy and Mandy: At various points during the episode segment A Bad Case of the Buglies, the look of the animation changes to show how bugly Yin and Yang look. This is a reference to a technique used many times on the formerly long-running popular show on Cartoon Network.

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