Yin Yang Yo!

Season 1 Episode 17

Bad Nanny Jamma / Pros and Cons

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 27, 2006 on Toon Disney
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Bad Nanny Jamma / Pros and Cons

Bad Nanny Jamma: Saranoia wants to destroy Yang! The easiest way to do this is going to Master Yo's Dojo & destroy Yang there. To get in, Saranoia uses a broom wand to transform her into a maid. Unfortunatly for her, the wand has it's own mind & won't let Saranoia destroy Yang until the Dojo is spotless! How will Yin & Yang abuse this advantage?

Pros and Cons: Carl thinks the factor that keeps him from being a great villain is the fact he doesn't have even one henchman! When he hears Night Master is holding an Evil Convention in town and every villain in town is invited, Carl goes there hoping to find a henchman. Meanwhile, Yin & Yang are in disguise there, hoping to find out about Night Master's ultra Master Plan!


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  • Saranoia's anger knows no bounds, and Carl is forced to make a temporary truce with his enemies! :D

    I've never known in my life a woman as jaded as Saranoia is. She's so frustrated with her own childhood that she can't even see that even though Yin is a much more diligent student than Yang is, that she's getting to treated in the same way that Yang is! Saranoia decides to take care of Yang once and for all! Unfortunatly, Saranoia's tool for this job causes her to clean uncontrollably against her will! She wants to destroy Yang so badly, but the broom wand won't let Saranoia do this until Master Yo's Dojo is completely clean! And Yin and Yang sure as heck aren't about going to let that happen yet! :lol: Then Carl wants a henchman, and Night Master's Evil Convention has potential villains galore! Yin and Yang know that if they infiltrate the Evil Con wearing a disguise, they could find out about the Night Master's grand Master Plan and the Night Master wouldn't even know the two of them were there! Unfortunatly for Yin and Yang, once the Night Master reveals his grand Master Plan, he orders all the villains to join his side or perish! Fortunatly however, Yin and Yang aren't the only ones on the latter side! As it turns out, Carl hates the Night Master because Carl feels that the Night Master is totally ripping off of Carl's ideas! Carl makes a temporary truce with the disguised Yin and Yang as they are all interested in the same immediate goal, staying alive! The Night Master however, finds out about Yin and Yang's stunt, and instead of getting rid of them, he tries to erase their memories, not knowing that Yin already had an ace up her sleeve! While it's unknown yet how Carl refusing to join up with the Night Master will affect the future of the series, one thing for sure it's sure going to be interesting to watch what happens! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
Johnathan Wilson

Johnathan Wilson

T.V. Announcer, Carl's Friend

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Damon Papadopoulos


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David Berm


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Yang: (getting repeatedly kicked by Carl) Ow!!! Man, what is your deal, dude?!
      Carl: What good is a 'sidekick' if you can't kick him in the side?

    • Yo: So, you went to a villains convention?
      Yin and Yang: We don't know.
      Yo: In a donkey suit?
      Yin and Yang: We don't know.
      Yin: But I'll tell you what I do know. (takes out her notebook)
      Yo: (opens up to a page) Yang is a dork??
      Yin: No, next page.

    • Yang: So clean I can see my face.
      Yin: My condolences.
      Yang: Am I really so ugly?

    • Yo: You even cleaned the poodle!
      G.P.: Actually, I-I cleaned myself. Felt kinda good, but there's nothing dirty about it, because I'm a dog! Bark, bark!

    • Carl (After ripping Yin and Yang's costume off): I'll never be able to trust a donkey again!

  • NOTES (1)

    • The episode segment of Pro's and Con's was previously written as a short comic book story for an issue of a Disney magazine for kids, Disney Adventures called The Night Master's Evil Con which basically has the same story elements that the episode segment does, albeit in a shorter and briefer form.


    • Carl's friend: Fine, you're out of my top eight.

      This is a reference to the MySpace website, were you can chose your top eight friends.

    • Near the end of "Pros and Cons" Yin wrote down the Night Master's plan before he erased their memory, so they would remember it, like on the "Fairly Odd Parents" episode, "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker" when Jorgen was going to make him forget he had fairies so he wrote it down on the back of his machine prior to the wiping and he had remembered.

    • Superman II: Near the end of the episode segment, Pros and Cons, the Night Master tries to erase Yin and Yang's memories of the Night Master's ultra master plan. But the Night Master's plan is foiled as Yin wrote down the information of the Night Master's ultra master plan on a notepad. This is very similar to what Lois Lane did near the end of Superman II when Superman tried to make Lois Lane forget about Superman's secret identity as Clark Kent. Lois Lane wrote down the information on a piece of paper so she would remember it after she lost her memory!